Masha Urbani Wins the EMEA 2023 Vision Award

Partner.Co is thrilled to congratulate Chairperson 2 Masha Urbani on receiving the EMEA 2023 Vision Award!

The Vision Award, given once per year to one Brand Partner, was established to shine a light on Brand Partners that have been able to change their lives and the lives of others through their dedication to building their businesses. Masha received the award live on stage at PXP’23: Amsterdam.

After earning Chairperson 2 earlier in the year, Masha set her sights not only on the rest of 2023, but further into the future. With this award, she said she’s doubling down on her goals. Not only does she want to reach Chairperson 3, but she aims to become and maintain the top team spot in Europe.

With the new year almost here, Masha says she’s going to take what she learned from PXP’23 and use it in the New Year to do even better than before — even if her “before” was already working.

“Despite an above-average number of people from my team attending events this year, I believe I could have done more. While things have been working great for me and my team, there is always room for improvement, and I can’t wait to see where that is for us.”

Masha Urbani

“No matter how successful she’s been, you can see that Masha is always looking for more. We absolutely love seeing that determination in our Brand Partners. We’ve also seen how infectious it can be at our events, and we can’t wait to see in 2024 how more Brand Partners do the same.”

Founder & Chief Executive Officer Darren Zobrist

Reflecting on the past year — Partner.Co’s first — Masha said she is proud of how the company has grown and has especially appreciated the value placed on people in the company and how Darren and John, the company’s Founders, have consistently listened to Brand Partners around the world for ways to improve. She added that she looks forward to seeing how they, and the rest of Partner.Co, can build on what was achieved in 2023 not only in 2024 but beyond.

“We would not be nearly as successful as we are without Brand Partners as motivated as Masha. A rising tide raises all ships, and it’s exciting to see her trajectory and how she helps raise others with her hard work.”

Founder and Chief Brand Partner Officer John Wadsworth

Masha joins North America’s Kim Gray,  Latin America’s Josefina ‘Chepis’ Castro and Gustavo Ament, China and Hong Kong’s Queen Ng and Australia’s Renae Jenkinson as 2023 Vision Award winners. Congrats, Masha!