From Customer to Top Leader

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce Renae Jenkinson as the 2023 Australia Vision Award winner! Because of her passion for helping others and demonstration of exceptional leadership skills, we’re proud to award her this distinguished honor.

Recognizing Exceptional Leadership
The Vision Award recognizes one person in each Partner.Co global region that inspires others to create their own vision of success and go after it. This prestigious award is given once a year and can only be earned once in a lifetime.

Honoring Renae Jenkinson
Renae’s journey from a customer to a top leader is truly an inspiration to us all. She began as a customer of NuCerity and fell in love with their skincare products. Once hooked, she decided to take the next step and start her own business so she could get her products paid for. Fast forward to today, and Renae has become a Top Leader in the industry, as well as an esteemed 2023 Partners Council member.

Her motivation? Her team and customers. She loves helping others realize their own potential and step into their power. Renae is motivated to help people transform, either as a customer using Partner.Co products or as a team member growing a business.

Looking back at successes isn’t always what inspires the journey forward, though. Renae is not only motivated by the wins she and others have had, but she’s also an avid learner. To her, personal development is a daily journey. From listening to podcasts and TED Talks to attending Partner.Co events, Renae continually seeks ways to build her confidence and belief.

Belief is also something she has in others. A core aspect of her leadership is believing in her team members before they believe in themselves. She uses her personal story as proof that anyone can become a Top Leader, and she cheers people along every step of the way.

In business and in life, Renae’s mantra is, “you are not a tree.” When life calls for flexibility, she likes to remember that we’re never stuck — we’re always capable of change. Even when times get hard, it’s important to keep growing. And if something’s not working, pivot!

Renae’s consistency, curiosity for learning and dedication to helping others have earned her this well-deserved recognition. Please help us congratulate her on her tremendous success! As a leader, she shares a true partner mentality to never make it about herself but, instead, make it all about others. 

Will You Be Next?
Brand Partners around the world aspire to follow in Renae’s footsteps. We hope to see you in the spotlight soon as a Vision Award winner! One way to do that is by following leaders like Renae and implementing similar strategies in your business.

Strategies to take from Renae include continuous learning and being the most enthusiastic cheerleader for your team. She recommends being the leader you aspire to be even if you only have one person to mentor. Also, she says to always be yourself and never compare your journey to someone else’s.

Partner.Co hopes to see many more extraordinary leaders like Renae, and we encourage all Brand Partners to keep striving for excellence!