The Best Moments of Tahitian Dream

When you work hard, you get rewarded — it’s that simple! And the select Brand Partners who qualified for Tahitian Dream more than earned their luxury experience in the tropical Islands of French Polynesia.

This incentive trip was one of our most exclusive voyages to date. It was a sold-out vacation offered almost 300 worldwide Brand Partners. We are so thankful and proud of all their accomplishments that we were thrilled to join them on this trip of a lifetime.

Mingling With Leaders + Executives

Brand Partners often say the highlight of incentive trips is meeting with top leaders and Executives. This trip was no different, but the weeklong vacation meant more opportunities for one-on-one interactions with some of the most successful people in the industry.

The Birthplace of Noni

It’s one thing to experience the power of Tahitian NoniÒ from home, but it’s even more special to witness its creation. Our local noni processing plant welcomed Brand Partners for a private tour of the facility, where they could see the high-quality production in progress, sample fresh noni puree and hand pick the fruit from the grove. What a powerful story to tell your customers!

Exclusive Excursions

Incentive trips mean exclusivity, and that goes for our excursions, too. Brand Partners spent an afternoon on a small tropical motu (the local word for Island). From Mo’orea, they took a short, private boat ride to a small island where they enjoyed the sun while snorkeling in crystal-clear waters and savoring the local cuisine with an upscale picnic.

Our guests also experienced a private tour of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia. There they had breathtaking views of the Faarumai Waterfalls, three impressive chutes of water plunging into serene pools that are only accessible by hiking through a jungle of dense chestnut trees. They finished the tour with the jaw-dropping vistas of Venus Point, where explorers Captain Cook and William Bligh first anchored the island, and Tahara’a Viewpoint, which offers panoramic views of Tahiti.

Cultural Deep Dive

The most magical part of French Polynesia and the Island of Tahiti are the people and their unique culture. To celebrate this distinct heritage, Brand Partners attended a fun Tahitian workshop where together they learned local dances, played drums and crafted floral crowns.

As our finale, they saw these newfound skills done by experts during a traditional Tahitian dinner and dance show that all guests attended together as one family. We wore local attire and marveled at the culture that drives the story of Tahitian Noni.  

Because of how deeply we value our Tahitian roots, we know this won’t be our final trip to these marvelous Islands. Will you join us on our next journey?

But don’t wait for Tahiti — keep working hard now to reserve your spot on our next incentive trip! Your Great Escape is closer than you think.