Partner.Co Welcomes Mélanie Saldiboure to the Wellness Council

Partner.Co is thrilled to welcome Mélanie Saldiboure to the Wellness Council. A research chemist in pharmaceuticals for a decade, Mélanie will bring incredible insight to her role with the Council.

The Wellness Council represents a worldwide collaboration of health, wellness and fitness professionals who are passionate advocates for preventative health maintenance. They continually update our collective understanding of health science and provide invaluable guidance on both product formulations and the education of our Brand Partners.

Having a passion for chemistry and science since she was a child, the France-based Mélanie pursued her interests, turning them into a degree in chemistry with a license in dispersed media formulation.

“Research and development are a real passion for me. I think we can always do better, and my brain is always looking for ways to do just that.”

Mélanie Saldiboure

As a research chemist, Mélanie has worked in a variety of laboratories in her career, including pharmaceutical, oenological and labs of the French National Centre of Scientific Research (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, CRNS). She has also already worked with many of the third-party organizations Partner.Co uses to test our products, which will allow her to hit the ground running.

“Our global team of researchers and scientists are thrilled to welcome Mélanie to the Wellness Council. In part due to her work in research and development of pharmaceuticals, her feedback and ideas will be critical when we look to reformulate current products or develop new ones, as she knows the ins and outs of the research process.”

VP of R&D Fernando Swartz

Welcome, Mélanie!