Partner.Co Announces 2024 Partners Council

At Partner.Co, we believe in the strength of collaboration, which is why our Partners Council is so integral to our company. The Partners Council members act as the voices for their respective markets, sharing ideas and feedback with Partner.Co leadership throughout the year, so we can help people across the globe transform their lives.

Selection Process

Selected through a series of specific performance measures, members have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our mission, vision and values in addition to having a proven record of success. With continued dedication, Brand Partners can also be reelected to the Partners Council in future years, a testament to their success with their Partner.Co businesses.

“At the core of our company is the Partners Council. Through their unwavering dedication to Partner.Co, these Brand Partners continuously provide us with their direct input, guiding our business efforts to meet the needs of our global markets.”

Founder and CEO Darren Zobrist

Integral in Business-Making Decisions

The personalized representation provided by the Partners Council aligns seamlessly with Partner.Co’s commitment to its Brand Partners. Rooted in the Partner.Co Bill of Rights — the foundation of our business — this Council guarantees Brand Partners will always help drive business decisions hand-in-hand with the corporate team.

“Our company’s name, Partner.Co, holds profound meaning. Our collaborative approach with Brand Partners is geared toward ensuring their success exceeds even their wildest dreams. Their valuable feedback and thoughts on various initiatives and products are key to our shared achievements.”

Founder and Chief Brand Partner Officer John Wadsworth

The 2024 North America Partners Council

Partner.Co is proud to announce the 25 members of the 2024 North America Partners Council.

Thank you all for being a part of the Partners Council!