How to Refresh Your Workout Routine + Eating Habits

Two of the most common New Year’s resolutions are working out more and eating healthier. Don’t believe us? Go to a gym on January 2. Or just scroll through Instagram and see all the healthy meal prep kit sponsored ads. Both gym memberships and meal plans are great…until you go a week or two without lifting a dumbbell or the pre-packaged ingredients start rotting in the back of the fridge.

We’ve all been there, but we’re here to tell you that hitting refresh on your workout and eating habits doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s easy! With a little planning, you’ll forget you ever lived any other way.


There are no ifs, ands or buts about it — exercise is good for you. If you feel overwhelmed starting a new workout routine, be patient with yourself. Consider starting with easier exercises, even if that means your output is lower than when you were at your peak fitness level. Getting over that mental hump is often the toughest part, but persistence is key. Those little bits will add up in time; you just need to stay consistent.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Like with most things in life, establishing a routine is key to a continued and worthwhile exercise regimen. Once you get past the first week or two, you’ll have trained your body and mind to look forward to working out. The endorphins released during exercise will become a regular occurrence that you’ll look forward to.

To get there, though, it’s important to establish a routine. Dedicate a time and cadence to working out every week. Put it on your calendar and find someone you trust to hold you accountable.

Once you’ve established your workout schedule, spend a little time planning your exercises. You could discover a personal trainer you love, or you can find an app that offers the kinds of activities that interest you — running, lifting, yoga, etc. The great thing about an app is the ease of tracking your workouts and progress. The gains you’ll make will feel even better when you reflect on everything you’ve accomplished over time!

Creating a Home Gym

Sure, getting a gym membership is great, but what If there are no gyms around? If that’s the case (or even if it isn’t), take it into your own hands and make your own home gym! With a few pieces of equipment — and a little know-how about exercises — you won’t have to worry about wasting money on a gym membership. Chances are, if you’re persistent, you’ll be able to find high-quality equipment pretty cheap in online marketplaces as people look to offload what they no longer need or want. Their loss is your gain(s).

Need help determining what exactly to be looking for? Here are some multi-purpose pieces of equipment that, when combined with bodyweight exercises, can offer a host of possibilities when it comes to working out.

  • Yoga mat
  • Kettlebells or dumbbells
  • Workout bench
  • Mirror
  • Resistance bands

Depending on the types of exercise you like, you can easily find other equipment, such as a standing punching bag, a suspension trainer system or an exercise bike.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is good for your body and great for your mind. The temporary bliss that comes from ice cream or candy has nothing on consistently giving your body what it actually wants and needs — vitamins, minerals, etc. Sticking to a healthy eating routine may seem hard at times, but just like with exercise, it just takes determination and persistence.

Meal Prep

A way to ensure that you’re eating healthy is to carve out some time once a week and meal prep. You’ll get more control over what you’re putting in your body, plus when it comes to mealtime, you’re already set.

If you’ve never meal prepped, don’t be intimidated. Once you get the hang of it, pre-planning and preparing your food becomes a breeze. Need some tips? We’ve got you covered.

  • Mix up your menu — No one wants to eat the same thing every day. Instead, plan two or three different meals that you can alternate, so you don’t get bored. When get tired of what you prepared, you’re likely to look for any reason not to eat it.
  • Stick to a list — When you go shopping, it’s important to only shop for what you originally planned. Sure, those cookies may look good, but will they make you feel good later? Probably not. Make sure not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, either!
  • Focus on seasonal produce — When shopping, try buying in-season fruits and veggies. First, you’ll get them at their peak nutritive value. Secondly, you’ll be encouraged to try new things (which helps mix things up, too!) If you want foods that aren’t in season, opt for frozen over canned, which often contain high levels of salt or sugar.
  • Make it a family affair — Don’t be afraid to involve your spouse, kids, roommates or whoever! Food is more fun when it is shared. Meal prepping together also helps you stay accountable for your new, healthier habits while getting others to eat well, too!

Better-for-You Products

Another way to help create and maintain healthy eating habits is to make sure you’re always stocked up on our better-for-you products. That way when you get a craving, you have something ready to go that is good for you and delicious.

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Use these better-for-you products in combination with a fresh and healthy diet and you’ll be looking and feeling better before you know it. Thinking that you can’t do it will be a thing of the past!