Masha Urbani Ranks Up to Chairperson 2

Leadership is not merely about achieving personal success, it’s also about inspiring and uplifting others to reach their full potential. Masha Urbani exemplifies this spirit of leadership as she has reached the impressive title of Chairperson 2. Her dedication, hard work and ability to build a strong team have propelled her to this impressive level of success.

Building the Right Team

Masha understands that a leader is only as strong as the team supporting them. Her commitment to personal growth and the growth of her team is what sets her apart as an exceptional leader. She invests time and effort not only in her own development but also in making sure that her team is successful.

I’ve been so impressed by Masha as a leader. I see how hard she works for herself and her team. It’s a great honour to be partners with her!

Chief Executive Officer Darren Zobrist

Building the Right Culture

Masha strongly believes that Partner.Co has the right culture for her team. She appreciates the contributions of CEO Darren Zobrist and CBPO John Wadsworth, recognising their importance in her journey. She says it is their collective efforts and shared vision that have helped lay the foundation for her accomplishments, now and in the future.

Partner.Co’s leadership mirrors Masha’s qualities, as all are focused on building the right team culture and accelerating growth. Her next goal is to reach Chairperson 4. This aspiration to duplicate her success shows her willingness to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what she can achieve — much like Partner.Co, which aims to be at the forefront of innovation while leading the industry.

Building a Bright Future

What’s on Masha’s horizon? She says she’s most looking forward to attending PXP’23: Amsterdam  and taking dozens of people with her to experience the event, which will be an excellent opportunity for Masha and her team to network, learn from other industry leaders and gain new perspectives.

As her team continues to grow and optimise by leveraging events and other resources, she foresees new leaders emerging within her titles. This not only signifies Masha’s ability to cultivate talent but also the potential for exponential growth for everyone on her team. Her ongoing pursuit of greatness ensures that Masha’s success story has only just begun.

Please join us in congratulating Masha on her achievement!