5 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Natural Immunity

Nobody likes being under the weather. From a simple cold to something more severe, it’s absolutely no fun to feel sick. That’s why it’s important to make your health a priority before you end up with a virus that ruins your entire week or more. With the help of these five tips, your immune system will be prepared to tackle anything that comes its way!

1. Choose Your Supplements Wisely

Keeping your nutrient levels up can help prepare your body to fight off those nasty germs and viruses that can find their way into your system and wreak havoc. With a never-ending number of options on the market, though, it can feel more than overwhelming when trying to select the best vitamins and supplements to add to your wellness routine. How do you avoid the products that just looks nice in pretty packaging?

Don’t get lost in the labels! We’ve created a Health + Nutrition Product Recommendation Guide that will help you choose the best products depending on your specific health needs. Simply identify the area or areas you want to target, then refer to the relevant category and make your selection. With Nutrifii™’s vast array of vitamins and nutritional supplements, you’ve got plenty of high-quality, high-potency options to choose from. And the best part? They’re all backed by science!

You can also take some helpful notes from Vice President of Research + Development Fernando Swartz and Senior Director of Research Brett West, who share their tips for choosing the best and most effective supplements on the market.

2. Balance Your Diet With Whole Foods

Both your body and your brain are fueled by nutrients. Simply put, when you choose to consume high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, your engine has the power to run at full speed. But when you skip meals, cut out important food groups from your diet or indulge in too many processed foods, your body loses out on crucial elements needed to help you perform at your peak.

Always keep your plate full of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget to watch your sugar intake! By staying aware of what you eat and maintaining a balanced diet, your body will be ready to run smoothly and healthily all year long.

3. Get Up + Get Active

It’s no secret that exercise is a crucial component of living a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, this doesn’t require a gym membership or any extensive workouts — it only takes a commitment to moving your body a minimum of 30 minutes per day!

Some of the best workouts — no matter your fitness level — include walking, cycling, swimming, rowing and using an elliptical. Not only is it good for your body to stay active, but it’s also good for your brain. When you make the conscious effort to move your body daily, you help it build up its natural defenses.

4. Sleep More

When you slack on your sleep, your body can become more rundown, leaving you susceptible to catching a cold or other viruses. One of your body’s best natural defenses against illness is sleep, so don’t underestimate how important those extra Z’s can be when it comes to maintaining your health.

Yes, we just told you to be more active, but the key here is balance. Did you know that working out regularly has actually been linked to improving sleep patterns? So, the next time you’re ready to trade in your workout gear for loungewear, push yourself to get up and get moving, because it may just help you sleep better for longer.

Some additional tips to help you get plenty of rest include sticking to a sleep schedule, turning off your devices one hour before bed and watching your caffeine intake late in the day.

5. Stress Less

It’s definitely easier said than done, but maintaining your stress levels can go a long way towards keeping you healthy. Studies show that high levels of stress can increase your risk for developing more serious or long-term health issues like heart attacks, diabetes and chronic inflammation.

When in doubt, breath it out! With a little bit of practice, deep breathing techniques can help you keep calm so you can carry on. Meditation and yoga are also great options to give your body and your mind a transformative workout while building up your natural immune system.