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Winter Is Coming: Keep Your Pout Protected

We’d all love to have kissable soft lips all year round, but for virtually everyone in the continental U.S. (besides Floridians), the winter season always finds a way to rain (or snow) on the parade. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid it — winter is coming. Are you prepared to protect your pout?

There are a few simple things you can do every day to help fight chilly winds and freezing temps. Use these tips to keep your lips feeling soft, smooth and supple no matter how unpredictable the weather may get.


You’ve got to fight the urge! Whenever you start to feel your lips getting dry or tight, try to remember to hold yourself back from instinctively licking your lips. The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and can actually get even more dry whenever you add saliva.

Instead, opt for lip balm, chap stick or a moisturizing product like Lucim+™ Volumizing Lip Gloss. With a texture that’s similar to Vaseline, this creamy formula goes on smooth to help deliver moisture straight to your lips anytime you need it. Made with plant-based oils and butters, this gloss was formulated to keep lips feeling soft with every application.


Again, this might be a hard act to curb if you’re in the habit of nibbling at your lips whenever they start to peel or get flaky. But, if you can muster up some self-control, avoiding this can greatly help protect and preserve your extremely sensitive skin.

Try using a gentle lip scrub to help exfoliate and remove flaky, peeling skin. Then, follow it up with a few swipes of lip balm to lock moisture in and keep dryness at bay.


It’s easy to let it slip your mind, but make sure to keep some lip balm or chap stick on hand at all times. There doesn’t need to be a blizzard outside to use lip balm — your lips can still burn from the sun’s rays, even during Winter. Weather can be unpredictable, so why not be prepared?

Grab your favorite lip balm anytime you head for the door and keep a few in easily accessible places, like your purse, backpack, car and office so you never need to worry about a dry spell.