Partner.Co Welcomes María Torres Piedra to the Athletes Council

Partner.Co is thrilled to welcome María Torres Piedra to the Athletes Council. Based in Spain, María is a former ballet dancer and has been a personal trainer for the last five years.

The Athletes Council is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who broaden our understanding of our consumers with the highest level of nutritional demands. Together, we are unfailingly committed to providing safe, pure and effective supplements catering to the needs of athletes seeking peak performance, optimal health and speedy recovery.

“At the event, when the news was announced, I envisioned myself being the Partner.Co trainer, for both clients and fellow Brand Partners. For me, nothing is impossible. I know I can contribute a lot, and I would love to have the opportunity to show it.”

María Torres

María earned her degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the Pablo de Olavide University and a master’s degree in Optimization of Training and Readaptation of Physical Sports Injuries at the Central European University. Her work as a physical trainer has encompassed not only the general population, but also athletes. María has also spent significant time researching and working with women, especially women with hormonal imbalances. It’s while working with these populations that she has seen the impact proper, high-quality supplementation can have on general health and recovery.

“We’re thrilled to welcome María to the Athletes Council. Her experience working with athletes, and specifically with women with hormonal imbalances, will be a boon for the Athletes Council. We cannot wait for her input as we work to improve our products.”

Global Director of Product Barbara Cox-Lovesy

Welcome, María!