Partner.Co Welcomes Maria Long to the Wellness Council

Partner.Co is happy to welcome Maria Long to the Wellness Council. Maria is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for holistic healthcare and can’t wait to make an impact on the council.

The Wellness Council represents a worldwide collaboration of health, wellness and fitness professionals who are passionate advocates for preventative health maintenance. They continually update our collective understanding of health science and provide invaluable guidance on both product formulations and the education of our Brand Partners.

Throughout her career, Maria has focused on evidence-based practices, focusing primarily on patient-centered care. Through these applications, she has worked to share the benefits of proper supplementation and other holistic practices that can work in tandem with other, more traditional approaches to health and wellness.

“As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have witnessed chronic diseases in thousands of patients — I recognize the benefits of high-quality supplementation as a complementary approach to healthcare. I understand the importance of a well-balanced diet but also recognize the need for nutritional supplementation to fill the nutritional gaps and deficits.”

Maria Long

Maria served as the Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program Manager in a healthcare system that supports 55,000 veterans. She also acts as the Lead Clinician for Tobacco Cessation.

“When we saw her application, we were thrilled to see Maria’s work both as a Family Nurse Practitioner, but also as a professional with experience working with veterans. At Partner.Co, we have many veteran Brand Partners, and we can’t wait to see how her insights can help us better cater to them.”

VP of R&D Fernando Swartz

Welcome, Maria!