Paradise with a Purpose: Strengthening Partner.Co’s Connection to French Polynesia

The only thing better than a VIP vacation is one that lets you rejuvenate while building your business and uplifting communities. That’s precisely what Partner.Co Executives and top Influencers from Greater China, Chile, Peru, Japan and the United States did during their recent one-week escape to French Polynesia.

From the time the group touched down, they were overwhelmed with French Polynesian hospitality. For instance, on a day trip to the island of Raiatea, they were welcomed at the airport by the mayors of Taputapuātea and Uturoa as well as local musicians and performers. They spent the rest of the week meeting and learning from the community and national leaders and over 100 farmers on the islands. It was an opportunity for everyone to meet, for one end of the noni equation to meet the other and engage in community-building and development.


A driving goal of the trip was to enhance connections with local leaders to collaborate on our shared ambitions for noni in the Partner.Co product portfolio and how it can help serve communities around the world.

To do that, the group met with key people around the islands, starting with Édouard Fritch, President of French Polynesia, Manuel Terai, Delegate for International, European and Pacific Affairs, and Thierry Nhun Fat, Presidential Advisor. The delegation discussed Partner.Co’s commitment to supporting the local community while expanding the availability of noni products worldwide.

“We have been working with the amazing people of French Polynesia for over 25 years now and our dedication to helping the local communities here grows with every harvest. We love being able to work with family farms year-in and year-out in service of bringing the amazing benefits of noni to the world.”

Phil Lewis, Senior Vice President of Operations

Brett West, Partner.Co Senior Directors of Research and Development, and Chief Researcher Fumiyuki Isam explained to President Fritch that the noni from French Polynesia is for them “the best in the world,” a statement West and his team don’t take lightly. It comes from decades of research into the superfruit sourced from around the globe, not just French Polynesia.

The verdicts of the studies have indicated time and time again that noni sourced from French Polynesia has no equal, something we at Partner.Co love and the reason we only use this specific geographic varietal.

To Live Healthy™, you need to be working with the best ingredients possible, and thanks to French Polynesian noni, we are.

“Noni is the basis for so many of our better-for-you products, and so we’ve spent years ensuring that we know how every part of the fruit can impact one’s health. Utilizing the best noni in the world allows us to showcase just how special this superfruit truly is.”

Brett West, Senior Director of Research and Development

Our noni research is carried out in tandem by researchers in the United States and Japan to ensure that the quality of the products is consistently irreproachable. In hearing the unparalleled benefits of Tahitian noni, President Fritch tasked our Partner.Co delegation with further highlighting the primacy of Tahitian noni. Getting to meet with the farmers and see the origins of noni, Lewis said of the interactions, was important as it instilled in him an even greater fervor for the fruit and its beneficial properties. This, in turn, sparked a conversation about developing new sales strategies for getting noni into the hands of people around the world.

Thomas Moutame, mayor of Taputapuātea and President of Chamber of Agriculture and Lagoon Fishing, and Matahi Brotherson, mayor of Uturoa, added into this discussion, speaking with the Partner.Co executives about noni’s impact on the local villages’ economies.

Next, the group met the farmers, visited the compost shed, the botanical garden and, most importantly, the agricultural zone of Maraeroa in Taputapuātea where the noni is grown. The visit was an amazing opportunity to enhance collaboration with the local community to further develop the noni sector on the islands.


A trip to the islands wouldn’t be complete without the “Father of Noni,”John Wadsworth. Mr. Wadsworth met Benoit Kautai, the mayor of Nuku Hiva island, on March 12, together with noni farmers, to visit the valley where he discovered thriving wild noni trees about 30 years ago. It was a full-circle moment, allowing Wadsworth to reflect on his time working with noni and what the future holds.

The group also visited the noni offices, a noni plantation, a local factory and an SOS Children’s Village, a nonprofit that offers children legal protection, short- and -long-term guidance, empowerment and much, much more. The group does amazing things for the youth of French Polynesia, and we’re incredibly proud to have been supporting SOS for over 10 years.


Did you read the travelogue above and think, “I want to do that, too!”

Do you want to see where we harvest noni and your business’s impact on generations of family farmers? Well, guess what?

Now is your chance!

In November 2022, Partner.Co is bringing 200 top Partner.Co Influencers to French Polynesia for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the story of noni firsthand. You’ll stay in luxurious accommodations, and you’ll also get to meet French Polynesian officials, farmers and locals alike, illuminating the powerful story of noni. Your personal connection to noni will help you build your business even more as you can truly understand and communicate our products’ Tahitian heritage, the beautiful islands of Tahiti, and its people.

To get in on this opportunity, you can qualify in one of two ways:

1. Advance, Maintain + Grow

Advance your title and earn at that title a specific number of times as outlined below:

  • Officer: Achieve Officer title and earn at that level two more times during the qualification period (four more times to bring a partner)
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Note: You must grow your total Payline Volume at least 5% compared with the same period immediately prior to the promotion period. (i.e., Weeks 32/2021 to 09/2022 compared with Weeks 10/2022 to 39/2022).

2. Accumulate + Redeem Business Credits

Accumulate credits throughout the qualification period and redeem 540,000 Business Credits (BCs) ​for a hotel and land package for ONE in a SHARED room, including airfare to and from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport (NRT) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), PLUS up to $750 USD airfare credit for connecting flights.

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Qualification Period

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There are a limited number of spots available and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.