Lucy Lollio Wins the 2024 AUS/NZ Vision Award

Partner.Co is excited to congratulate Lucy Lollio on receiving the 2024 AUS/NZ Vision Award!

The Vision Award, given once per year to one Brand Partner per region, was established to recognize Brand Partners who have changed their lives and the lives of others through their dedication to building their businesses.

Lucy has been with Partner.Co for three years and has established herself within her team and region as a hard-working, team-oriented Brand Partner. It wasn’t always easy, though, and Lucy learned that the hard way.

“Despite my unwavering desire to serve, I often wished for more hours in the day. This frustration led me to realize the importance of delegation and teamwork. By involving others and sharing the workload, we were able to align our efforts and achieve our goals together, overcoming the obstacle of time scarcity and making progress towards our shared vision.”

Lucy Lollio

Without her team, she said, none of this would be possible.

The quality of the products drew Lucy to Partner.Co and has kept her going. Dealing with health issues for many years, Lucy says the products she used and continues to use not only helped her ailments, but they gave her a new sense of vitality. Those same products also inspired her foundational advice for other Brand Partners.

“Be a product of the product. Start with your own transformation with the products you’re promoting so that you can authentically speak about their benefits from personal experience. This genuine passion will resonate with others and build trust in your honesty,” Lucy said. “Keep your message clear and avoid confusing your audience  by promoting just 1 or 2 products, even if you incorporate more into your daily routine.”

“Lucy’s a perfect example of what we look for in our Vision Award winners. Her people-first, team-oriented approach has allowed her to succeed quickly while setting herself up for long-term success. She’s not afraid to fail because she knows she will come out of it stronger and smarter. We love that.”

Lucy West, VP of Field Development

Lucy is the first 2024 Vision Award Winner, joining the 2023 winners: EMEA’s Masha Urbani, North America’s Kim Gray, Latin America’s Josefina ‘Chepis’ Castro and Gustavo Ament, China and Hong Kong’s Queen Ng and Australia’s Renae Jenkinson.

Congrats, Lucy!