How Tahitian Noni® ORIGINAL Supports Your Immune System

Written by: Brett West, Partner.Co Senior Director of R&D

It’s everyone’s least favorite time of the year: cold and flu season.

With so many viruses circulating, you may be wondering what you can do to help support your immunity against the germs. One of the positive things about Tahitian Noni® ORIGINAL is its ability to support immune system function.

Immune Support Backed by Science

This immune support effect has been demonstrated in multiple scientific studies, including human clinical trials, and has been experienced by many people across the globe for more than 25 years. This wisdom stems from the historical experience of the Polynesian people who passed down their knowledge of the wholesome properties of noni fruit for many generations over the past millennia.

Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL is officially approved as immune-enhancing functional food in China. This approval came after extensive testing by government-approved laboratories as well as the completion of a human clinical trial in which a 30 percent increase in natural killer cell activity and a 32 percent increase in interleukin-2 (or IL-2) levels occurred after drinking Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL for several weeks.

Natural Killer Cells 

What, you’re probably asking, are natural killer cells? They’re part of the immune system’s first line of defense known as the innate immune system. IL-2, meanwhile, is an intracellular messenger that stimulates the activity of the adaptive immune system which, in turn, is responsible for the development of long-term immunity. Since Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL has a positive effect on both the innate and adaptive immunity in healthy adults, drinking it daily is a great habit to develop.

Human & Animal Studies

In the United States, the immune-supporting properties of noni fruit and Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL have been demonstrated in studies with baby cows and adult humans. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Medical Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine found that feeding the same noni fruit ingredient in Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL to newborn calves reduced the number of serious respiratory and gastrointestinal problems during their first few weeks of life on a commercial dairy farm. The calves that weren’t fed noni, on the other hand, weren’t as healthy.

Researchers at the University of Illinois College of Medicine also discovered the power of Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL in a one-month, double-blind clinical trial involving cigarette smokers. They found that drinking it every day helped significantly decreased the amount of damaged DNA in white blood cells. These cells are an important part of the immune system and protect us against illness and disease. Protecting white blood cells’ DNA helps ensure that they can do their job.  

There are many other studies which manifest the immune-boosting potential of noni fruit and Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL. These and the studies mentioned above are discussed in a newly published scientific article published by Partner.Co scientists. You can find a copy of this article here. There are plenty of good reasons to drink Tahitian Noni ORIGINAL. Supporting your immune system is just one. But it’s a big one.

Stay healthy this season and don’t forget to stock up on Tahitian Noni!

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