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Enhancement Without Extensions: 5 Ways to Get Naturally Luscious Lashes

Want visibly fuller-looking lashing without having to fake it? Of course, you probably have a go-to mascara that accentuates your look, but wouldn’t you rather feel totally confident showing off long, healthy and natural lashes without applying layer after layer of mascara? Kick the makeup and extensions to the curb — it’s time to go au naturel! Volumize your eyelashes with these five tips to help give you the luscious lashes you’ve been looking for.


We’ve got a question for you: what do you get when you combine clean and safe ingredients with advanced technology? A natural solution to help make thinning lashes a thing of the past (and your new favorite product for your eyelashes, of course)!

Formulated with biotin, castor oil and strengthening peptides, Lucim+ Volumizing Eyelash Serum is a clinically tested eyelash conditioning serum that naturally enhances the look of your lashes and brows, giving you visibly longer, stronger, fuller-looking lashes and brows with results in just four weeks.

We recommend applying this serum to clean, dry eyelids (along both the upper and lower lash lines) as the final step of your nightly skincare regimen.


It might feel a bit weird, but one of the best ways to stimulate eyelash growth is by massaging your eyelids. Every morning, take a small swipe of shea butter and, without pressing too hard, gently rub each eyelid with your pointer and index finger using circular motions.

Making the effort to work this move into your daily schedule will help stimulate blood flow, which in turn helps to support healthy hair growth. It’s so simple, you can literally do it with your eyes closed!


When it comes to hair growth, biotin should be your bestie. This vitamin (also known as Vitamin B7) is critical to a wide range of metabolic processes, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids. It stimulates keratin production in the hair, which can lead to an increase in follicle growth.

Consider taking a dietary supplement that contains biotin, like Slenderiiz® Beauty Boost. Each serving of this delicious orange-flavored protein-packed supplement boasts 1,000 micrograms of biotin and is expertly crafted to enhance your hair, skin and nails from the inside out using key vitamins and nutrients.


Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes can start to thin due to clogged pores. The first step to combatting this is o keep your lashes clean every day using a gentle face wash or miscellar water. Then, using a spoolie or a small mascara wand-styled brush, place the brush at the root of your lashes (top of lash line) and start to twist the brush up and out as you move the brush from roots to ends of lashes. Try doing this at least twice a day for 3 to 5 minutes each time to start seeing results.


If you wear mascara on a regular basis, you may already be wise to this simple beauty hack for longer-looking lashes. An eyelash curler can help lift your lashes when used correctly, while making your eyes pop and your lashes look even more prominent. Although this won’t actually help your lashes grow, it will amplify your natural look and accentuate your lashes without the need for extra mascara or extensions.