Partner.Co Welcomes Patricia Casas to the Wellness Council

Partner.Co is thrilled to welcome Patricia Casas to the Wellness Council. A nurse technician for over 20 years, Patricia is a passionate advocate for naturopathy and works specifically with the deaf community.

The Wellness Council represents a worldwide collaboration of health, wellness and fitness professionals who are passionate advocates for preventative health maintenance. They continually update our collective understanding of health science and provide invaluable guidance on both product formulations and the education of our Brand Partners.

Patricia, based in Spain, has been passionate about living a happy, healthy life for as long as she can remember. Since 2000, she’s worked as a nurse technician with experience in the emergency room, intensive care unit and with gynaecology and obstetrics. After years of working with a variety of populations, Patricia became a nutritional naturopath in 2022, further enhancing her knowledge and passion for improving one’s life with the right supplements. Over the last year, Patricia has specialised in female hormonal balance and has created her own comprehensive health programme using our Partner.Co supplements.

“High-quality supplements offer an effective way to complement our diet and address possible nutritional deficiencies, which is very important in the search for optimal health and balance of our body. The quality of our supplements is reflected in the ability to provide nutrients in an effective and safe way since they are formulated taking into account the bioavailability of nutrients.”

Patricia Casas

Since 2020, Patricia has been a sign language interpreter, using those skills — combined with her naturopathy experience — to work with the deaf community, ensuring that no population goes without the care or expertise other groups have.

“Our goal as a company is to help everyone live happier, healthier lives. Patricia embodies that, combining her practical experiences with her passions, and we are incredibly excited to have her on the Wellness Council.”

Vice President of Research and Development Fernando Swartz

Welcome, Patricia!