Partner.Co Welcomes Julie Delriu to the Wellness Council

Partner.Co is excited to welcome Julie Delriu to the Wellness Council. A dietician for over 20 years, she is excited to contribute her vast knowledge to help even more people around the world live happier, healthier lives.

The Wellness Council represents a worldwide collaboration of health, wellness and fitness professionals who are passionate advocates for preventative health maintenance. They continually update our collective understanding of health science and provide invaluable guidance on both product formulations and the education of our Brand Partners.

Throughout her career, Julie has worked with countless people to improve their lives with a proper diet and the correct supplementation. Working with different populations has taught her how different people respond to different methods for losing or maintaining weight. What she has seen, too, is that proper supplementation is a key factor when it comes to improving a person’s well-being.

“I have dreamed of being part of this global team of experts who are committed to transforming lives through effective well-being solutions since I joined the company. The excellence of our products, their incredible effectiveness, the company’s ethics, the transparency of the compositions and the desire to provide our customers with increasingly complete solutions echoes my own values and professional aspirations.”

Julie Delriu

In addition to her work as a dietician, Julie has also run a recipe-based Instagram account where she shares gourmet recipes without any added sugar, encouraging those who are trying to eat healthier to do so without having to give up eating well.

“With her skill set as a dietician, Julie will be an incredible addition to our Wellness Council. Her practical experience, plus her deep knowledge of how supplementation can benefit people are exactly the traits we look for when selecting Council members.”

Founder and CEO Darren Zobrist

Welcome, Julie!