Partner.Co Compensation Plan Named Industry’s Best

Partner.Co Named Industry’s BEST COMPENSATION PLAN!

In a recent poll by Business For Home that featured 750+ direct-selling companies to determine the top compensation plan in the business, we were voted the winner!

“As an organisation, we are so incredibly proud of this accomplishment,” CEO Darren Zobrist said. “Earning first place in a poll on a website seen by 70,000 people per day is a testament to the care we’ve put into creating our Compensation Plan — all in service to our Brand Partners and their success.”

Our Compensation Plan gives you, our Brand Partners, eight different ways to earn, ranging from upfront to residual to bonus income. Not only do you start earning on day one, but as you grow your business, you can have income streams with unlimited width and unlimited depth. You can earn through:

1. Retail Profits

If you pay $100 and your customer pays $130, you make $30! Earn by referring people to Partner.Co products or when they buy from your personalised links.

2. New Volume Bonus

Earn a bonus when you sell to new people in their first four weeks. The higher your Business Level, the more you earn! Activated: 15% NVB Business: 20% NVB Elite: 25% NVB Ultimate: 30% NVB

3. Base Commissions

Earn by helping your team sell products, making 15% on all Pay Lines. You can have unlimited Pay Lines, depth and width with auto-balancing.

4. Savings Bonus

Start earning $250 in weekly Base Commissions and you’ll bank an additional 15% in a savings account. Once you reach $10,000 in savings, we’ll pay you the total amount! After your big payday, you’ll keep earning up to $500/week (paid every four weeks).

5. Income Position Bonus

Earn from a pool of 2% of worldwide company volume by optimising building deep. Your Pay Lines Optimise at 13,334 PV, and you earn shares for every line you Optimise exponentially.

6. Pay Line Bonus

Earn 1% in the Global Bonus Pool by optimising building wide. After your Power Line and first Optimised Pay Line, each Optimised weekly Pay Line earns you shares of the bonus exponentially.

7. Matching Bonus

We will pay you a percentage of all Base Commissions your teams earn up to seven “generations.” Reach “Gold Status” to unlock the Matching Bonus!

8. Business Rewards

Turn Business Credits (BCs) into Partner Rewards and redeem them for trips, training, tools and FUN!

Earn BCs for:

  • Growing your Pay Line PV
  • Personally sponsoring new customers or Brand Partners
  • Staying on Subscription
  • Title advancement
  • Attending events & more!

BCs never expire as long as you stay commission eligible!

Our Compensation Plan is Number One in the world for a reason: it generates mutual success for our Brand Partners and us. We believe in true field-corporate partnership because a generous pay-out in our Compensation Plan means our Brand Partners will get rewarded for focusing on what they do best — creating relationships, sharing their stories and helping others live happier, healthier lives!

Chief Brand Partner Officer John Wadsworth

Our Compensation Plan differs from others in the industry because all Brand Partners can earn a share of company profits. We want you to feel as invested as we are in both your success and the company’s.

And, you have our guaranteed commitment to include you in all Partner.Co Compensation Plan changes with the Partner.Co Bill of Rights.

To learn more about the Compensation Plan — and the potential rewards you can earn by building your business — check out the full Compensation Plan PDF below!