Lifestyle Transformations

Meet Valeria Testaverde, our Slenderiiz Journey Ambassador!

The Slenderiiz Transformation Journey was an initiative by Partner.Co EMEA between January 2 and February 25, 2024, offering participants a transformative opportunity to reset their wellness and join us on a revitalising journey with a fresh start.

Throughout the journey, participants were encouraged to share their story on social media and inspire others towards pursuing a wellness transformation. Valeria Testaverde shines by creating valuable content for her community with unwavering dedication.

For this reason, it’s no wonder she has been recognised as our Slenderiiz Journey Ambassador, exemplifying excellence in wellness leadership!

Let’s take a closer look at Valeria’s transformation story:

A 360º Transformation

Following her mother’s success with the Slenderiiz Programme, Valeria decided to start the Slenderiiz Programme in November 2022 to get back in shape after her pregnancy in 2020. Within 7 weeks*, she lost 12 kg* and she has been able to maintain the weight since*.

In December 2023, she joined the Slenderiiz Transformation Journey to push her transformation even further and was thrilled with the results.

Slenderiiz has completely transformed both my body and my mind. I take Partner.Co supplements because they contribute to my all-round well-being. I have learnt to see food not just as fuel, but as nourishment for the body. This change of perspective has revolutionised my life.

Valeria Testaverde

Her physical transformation mirrors an even deeper mental shift. Valeria shares, “This experience has taught me that inner strength is the key to overcome any obstacle. Today, I face every challenge with confidence and determination!”

At Partner.Co, we collaborate with individuals to achieve their wellness, lifestyle and business goals with a comprehensive approach.

We are proud of Valeria’s hard work to transform her mindset, as we’re sure this marks the start of a successful journey towards achieving her long-term goals. Our Global Senior Director of Health & Nutrition says:

Valeria is a great example of what can be achieved with our Slenderiiz Programme. With persistence and dedication, she has learned how to use the products to support her goals. She’s so inspirational and able to develop a mindset to achieve her transformation. Huge congratulations from me!

Barbara Cox-Lovesy

The Journey Continues

Valeria is now eager to inspire as many people as possible to achieve their goals. She advises: “Be kind to yourself, be patient and, more importantly, remember to listen to your body! Set realistic goals and focus on your progress.”

We thank Valeria and hope that her story encourages you to take a well-rounded approach to your wellness. We also want to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in the 2024 Slenderiiz Transformation Journey, you can achieve your objectives!

* Results are personal and may vary depending on adherence to the Slenderiiz programme, which includes diet and exercise.