Georgiana Miclea Ranks Up to Chairperson 3

Congrats, Georgiana, for reaching Chairperson 3!

Partner.Co is thrilled to announce that Georgiana Miclea has advanced her Title four times to Chairperson 3 in just one month.

This is an achievement in and of itself, but Georgiana’s journey has a special twist. Since joining Partner.Co in June 2023, she has worked to steadily build her business. When Week 4 started, she was President, but from Week 11 on she was so motivated that she started to reach a new title each week — for the following four weeks — until attaining Chairperson 3.

“After several discussions with Cristina Bruma, I made the decision to join Partner.Co. As a businesswoman, I saw it as an extraordinary opportunity to open a new business while also helping people with high-quality natural products,” Georgiana said.

Area President, EMEA/LATAM, Global Partner Support Cameron Bott praised Georgiana’s extraordinary work ethic over the last few weeks.

“In my time with Partner.Co, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone Title advance this many times in just a month. It’s an amazing feat that I hope resonates with other Brand Partners and pushes them to achieve even more, too.”

Cameron Bott

“This Title is the result of focus, hard and dedicated work. The number of people Georgiana inspired, taking care of their health and striving for an even happier and healthier life, is absolutely amazing. She’s set a whole new level!”

Alain le Grelle, Vice President of Field Development 

Please join us in congratulating Georgiana on her achievement!