Tips for Prioritizing Your Financial Health

Just like your physical health, financial health is crucial to your wellbeing. Being financially healthy should be as important as being physically and mentally fit, so don’t just focus on your body and mind without focusing on your bank account, too! Take control of your overall health and wellbeing by utilizing these tips to improve your financial health.


You already work hard to earn an income, so why waste it? Don’t make an impulse buy — before tapping that checkout button, take a moment to rethink it. You’ll likely realize you don’t truly want whatever it is you’re trying to buy.. Plus, if it’s replaceable, you’ll have another opportunity to buy it in the future, so for now remain focused on the big things, like saving for a house, retirement or maybe your next vacation!


We know it can be hard but cutting back on the number of times you order takeout per week can greatly impact your bank account. If you eat out multiple times per week, try limiting yourself to just once. After just a few weeks of saving, you’ll notice the dollars piling up.

The average Aussie spends $230 per month on dining and takeout — that’s a big chunk of change! Consider how much that could add up to. In 5 years, you’d save well over $13,800 by simply choosing to cook your food more often than not.


Life is unpredictable — literally anything is possible. That’s why you should always prepare for the unexpected. We recommend you set aside a minimum of two weeks’ pay toward an emergency fund. That way, you won’t get stuck in a situation that forces you to sell off your investments or tap into your superannuation just to survive.

And speaking of superannuation, are your savings putting in work for you?  If you want to be able to kick back and relax in your later years, be sure you put money into a superannuation or other financial instruments to set yourself up for a stable future. What better way than saving a little extra cash every month?


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