Eigo Masuda’s Journey to Chairperson 1

Partner.Co success stories are not just milestones but narratives of growth and triumphs. That’s why we’re excited to share the inspiring journey of Eigo Masuda, who has recently advanced to Chairperson 1. From overcoming challenges to embracing the power of gaining experience, Eigo shares what and who helped him achieve this honor as well as his gratitude and vision for the future.

Overcoming Challenges

The most significant challenge Eigo faced was learning the ins and outs of Partner.Co’s products and compensation plan in a short timeframe. Thankfully, he didn’t have to do it alone!

Eigo credits his product knowledge to General Manager of Japan Fumiyuki Isami as well as his understanding of the Compensation Plan to Brand Partner Masukazu Abiru. He also gained valuable insights from Japan’s Sales Director, Kei Matsuo.

Learning from these experienced individuals and others, such as Yoko Shigeta in Partner Support and Ayumi Morise and Hajime Inoue in Marketing, filled his experiential gap, while empowering Eigo to confidently communicate with customers and team members.

Gratitude to His Partner.Co Team

Eigo wants to acknowledge his sponsors, Masa Miyama, Bob Steed and Tim Sales. According to Eigo, it was their support that helped him rise to the position of Chairperson 1. Their collaborative efforts in presenting the best proposals to customers underscores the strength of being Better Together.

In addition, Eigo highlights the pivotal role played by seven officers in his group, including Miyuki Shirota, Ritsuko Tsutsumi, Emi Masuda, Teruhiko Shirota, Motoko Mukai, Shuko Kato and Kayoko Fuji. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in his success, not only contributing to his business strategy but to him leading a meaningful life.

Reflections on His Journey

When asked if he would do anything differently, Eigo reflects on the value of accumulated experience. Acknowledging the ongoing nature of the journey, he emphasizes that continual learning will be the key to his vision for the future.

Best Experiences with Partner.Co

Eigo highlights the transformative impact on his health and well-being as the most remarkable part of joining Partner.Co. He is astonished by the company’s dedication to guarantee and test their products, even investing more than 120 billion yen in noni research.

Beyond personal gains, the joy of witnessing individuals unfamiliar with network marketing businesses find happiness with Partner.Co’s products stands out.  Eigo is also proud of his ability to contribute to Tahiti’s economy when he sells products with Tahitian noni fruit.

Goals for Growth

Looking forward, Eigo articulates the importance of strong partnerships with Partner.Co Headquarters, Partner.Co Morinda Japan and leaders within his team. He emphasizes the need for ongoing support in order to navigate his network marketing business in Japan.

Advice for New Brand Partners

Eigo offers one piece of advice to new Brand Partners — cherish your dreams.

As you can see, Eigo Masuda truly cherished his dreams as he made his way to Chairperson 1, which is not just a personal achievement but a testament to what’s possible with Partner.Co.