Darren Zobrist Wins 2 Gold Globee® Awards for Leadership

When he’s on, he’s on! We’re thrilled to announce that our very own CEO, Darren Zobrist, has won two Gold Globee®Awards — one for Maverick of the Year and another for Rising Star of the Year!

The Globee Awards are a set of business award competitions organized annually. They were created in 2003 to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of companies and business executives and professionals worldwide.

The Globee Awards for Business are widely regarded as one of the most coveted honors in the global business community. This premier international awards program recognizes and celebrates exceptional achievements across a diverse range of categories, spanning customer service, innovation, marketing, leadership, and more. Open to organizations of all sizes and from all corners of the world, the Globee Awards provide a platform for companies and individuals to showcase their excellence and gain international recognition. Through a rigorous judging process involving industry experts and thought leaders from various countries, the Globee Awards spotlight extraordinary accomplishments that transcend borders, inspire progress, and set new standards of excellence on a global scale.

In addition, the Globee Awards for Leadership have established themselves as a premier platform for acknowledging exemplary leadership in the business world. By participating in these awards, companies and organizations gain access to a unique opportunity to showcase their remarkable leadership practices and stand out among their peers on a global scale.

It’s easy to see why Darren was awarded these prestigious honors. First, he received his MBA from the elite Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania. Following this, he started his career on Wall Street, working hard to succeed. After a while though, Darren got to a point where he wanted more out of life, where he wanted to see what was beyond the confines of Wall Street. To reset and recharge, he took a trip to Mexico, where a chance encounter with yellowfin tuna fisherman would set him on the path he is currently on, one influenced by his business mind and his philanthropic heart.

In meeting the fisherman, Darren figured out that not only could he be successful in business, but he could do it while also helping others. He formed Anova Food Group and began working with the fisherman to earn higher profits, helping them create a better and more sustainable livelihood for themselves and their communities. It was this type of business — where profit was as important as people, that continued to drive Darren to grow Anova to become an international cooperative of tens of thousands of fishermen in 13 countries and the largest distributor of sushi-quality tuna in the United States.

His passion for leading companies that grow and uplift people is one of the main factors behind his decision to form and lead Partner.Co. Mixing his years of experience with the storied history of four legacy brands, Darren’s vision for Partner.Co was and will continue to be Partnership Marketing. It’s one thing to ensure that Partner.Co’s Brand Partners have access to better-for-you products, but Darren isn’t content with that. The infrastructure put in place by Darren and his team, too, ensures that everyone who works with Partner.Co is taken care of from Day One through products, asset accessibility and more.

Since Partner.Co’s launch, headed by Darren and Chief Brand Partner Officer John Wadsworth, we have already amassed significant growth, welcoming home new leaders in the industry into our global network of independent Brand Partners. We anticipate exponential growth into 2024 under our fantastic leadership team.

Congrats, Darren!