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Build Your Biz Your Own Way

January is the perfect time to reset and refresh your business goals, whatever they may be. It doesn’t matter if you reached your goals in 2022. Use whatever happened to derail your efforts as a learning experience to reach new heights this year. To do that, you must be committed — that’s a given. You won’t get anywhere if you expect things to happen for you. Instead, take control from the get-go and establish a routine that you can keep this month, next month and every other month this year (and beyond).

Plan With a Purpose

Don’t underestimate the power of a solid plan. If thought out thoroughly, determining the right strategy could save you time in the long run by helping you avoid mishaps, no matter what you’re trying to get done.

The first part of having a solid plan is to have a goal in mind. What do you want to accomplish in the next year of your business? How did your plan stall if it was the same as last year? What can you do differently this time around? Answering all these questions will help you tremendously when establishing a routine. Once you get have your new habit down —like a solid healthy eating or exercising plan— you’ve done most of the hard work already.

Another part of planning is ensuring you’ve got everything you need to do your job. Are you familiar with how to leverage your social media to build your business? Do you have all the apps you need?

Once you’ve accomplished everything above, it’s time for the fun part. Talk to people, share your story and show friends and family what our better-for-you products can do for them!

Set Up Your Home Office for Success

You’ve made a plan to reach your goals. Now, it’s time to get to work. Think of this step as dressing for success but for your home office.

How best do you work? Are you a standing desk person, or do you prefer sitting on a balance ball to work on your core while you build your biz? Do you like multiple monitors, or are you set working just from your phone? However best you work, customize your office to fit.

By building a space around your preferences, you’ll subtly encourage yourself to spend more time there, working instead of doing everything else (cleaning the baseboards, etc.) to avoid work.

A comfortable environment will always be more conducive to work, so do whatever you need to do to achieve that. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, either! If you’ve never tried something other than a standard desk and chair, for example, switch up your furniture to see if it helps you work better or more efficiently.

Assets, Assets, Assets

We want you to succeed as much as you want because when you win, we win. That’s why we’ve put together one of the most comprehensive suites of assets available in the industry. If you’re still in the beginning stages of building your business, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your NewAge Office Dashboard to take advantage of its various resources. If you’re not, you should give yourself a refresher to see any new features that might have been introduced since you last looked.

Another major asset is the NewAge Share™ app. This app is a must-have for all Brand Partners — it’s like an executive assistant in your pocket, providing tools, tips, tricks and more wherever you are. That way, you’ll never have to miss an opportunity just because you’re not in front of your computer. If you don’t have it, download it through the links below.

The tips above are some of our favorites when setting up for success in the new year. Take advantage of them, and the sky is the limit for you. Don’t forget to talk with your team, either — they may be doing things that could work for you, too!

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