Age Without Aging: 5 Tips to Look + Feel Younger

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel older. There’s so much you can do to feel young and stay vibrant at any age.

Discover new ways to look and feel younger with these five amazing tips. Maybe your best new habit is to exercise regularly. Or perhaps it’s to try something new weekly. Whatever you incorporate into your daily routine from our top list, we know it will have an impact.

Exercise Regularly

Our first tip is our most important for staying younger, longer. Regular exercise offers so many benefits to your body, both physically and mentally. Time at the gym or even on the walking path helps you maintain healthy body composition, stimulates energy, builds healthier bones and boosts your mood. Prioritize a minimum of 20 minutes of movement (run, bike, swim, dance, whatever!) three times per week.

Get Cozy With Your Partner

Sexual satisfaction is critical for preserving your youth! Studies indicate that sexual pleasure releases endorphins, which are responsible for good feelings and happiness. Regular time between the sheets with your partner can not only help you feel younger, but it can help you look younger, too!

Try Something New

Keep your mind sharp and life exciting by trying something new! When you use your brain in an unaccustomed way, it forms new neural pathways that can help improve your overall cognitive function. So which new hobby will you try? Pick from our list of favorites:

  • Take a cooking class or try a new recipe
  • Learn a language
  • Try a new sport or join a fitness club
  • Enroll in a course at your local university
  • Join a local book club
  • Learn to garden

Slather on Sunscreen

Put away your tanning oil because sunshine can cause permanent to your skin. The good news is that applying sunscreen every day can help prevent the dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles caused by the Sun’s harmful UV rays. So, if you want younger-looking skin for longer, avoid damage by adding SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to your morning routine.

Stay Hydrated

Water benefits your body in innumerable ways. Your eight glasses help you stay energized throughout the day, but proper hydration also leads to softer, more supple skin. Basically, your reusable water bottle (we recommend the Puritii® Tritan Water Bottle, of course), is your best friend when it comes to staying hydrated throughout the day.

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