6 Must-have Apps to Up Your Social Game

Social media is constantly evolving. Remember a long, long time ago — 2016 — when TikTok didn’t exist? What’s popular one second may fall out of favor the next. Having a memorable and successful online presence means not just leveraging the current trends (you should be doing that, too), but also consistently creating high-quality, memorable content.

Not sure how to do that? Well, outside of being true to yourself and sharing your life experiences with your followers, there are some apps that can help you along. Below, we’ve gathered six must-have apps for taking your social game to the next level. There are many other apps out there like the ones below, but we’ve hand-picked these for their ease — and because they’re free!


Sometimes, life gets too busy, especially when you’re hustling hard to build your business. That’s where Buffer comes in! This app allows you to easily schedule and publish content to multiple platforms all at once. Buffer allows for post scheduling on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can also check out how your posts are doing with their analytics section.


Need a photo editor to help your winning smile shine? VCSO can help! With the app, you can easily add filters or edit photos, including adjusting elements such as clarity, saturation and skin tone. If you want even more features, there’s a higher tier option with more filters and settings for just $19.99 USD per year.


Did you take too many amazing pics and now you can’t choose just one? Great! Layout, which is made by Instagram (another app that is pretty necessary for building your social presence), is a photo formatting app that allows you create photo collages with ease. Crop, trim and resize until your pics are ready for publishing.


Ready to hit the big time and become a viral TikTok star? Splice is a video editing app that gives you all the tools you need to edit your vids. As an added bonus, Splice even has a free library of music and sound effects to use in your videos!


If you’re looking for a way to easily make graphics, presentations or any number of other assets, Canva will be your best friend. You can choose from a wide variety of templates or upload your own images and graphics, then style them however you want!

Partner.Co Share™ App

Obviously, we’d have this one on our list! The Partner.Co Share app is your go-to hub for award-winning assets featuring all your favorite products. Looking for fact sheets or need to review the current stats on your business? You’ll find all that and more right here. Now get out there and grow your social game!