2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Spread More Cheer This Year

When it comes to gift-giving, choosing the perfect presents for your friends and family doesn’t have to turn you into the Grinch! Don’t stress yourself out trying to decide who wants what (and if they’ll actually use it) — give them something that they’ll genuinely benefit from.

Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, everyone deserves to Live Healthy™. That’s why we’ve made it easy to shop for everyone on your list this season (including yourself!) with our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.


Save yourself from buying another thoughtless gift card this holiday when you choose from one of these crowd-pleasing presents!

Tahitian Noni® ORIGINAL contains noni, a powerful superfruit found only in the islands of Tahiti. Crafted with powerful antioxidants, adaptogens, nutrients and phytonutrients, this daily wellness supplement helps naturally boost energy levels, immune system function and overall health. Virtually anyone and everyone can reap the benefits of this tasty and healthy drink.

Shopping for someone who always needs a midday pick-me-up? LIMU BLU FROG® and BLU FROG 2® are the ideal duo for your friends and family that can’t get through a day without a decent dose of caffeine! While both energy drinks are loaded with tropical fruits plus our proprietary LIMU Seaweed Blend™, BLU FROG contains 80 mg of caffeine compared to 160 mg found in BLU FROG 2. Share smooth, naturally healthy, longer-lasting and heightened energy with the ones that’ll need it most this year — yes, even yourself, too!

Skincare is self-care! Give the gift of a clear complexion to every good boy and girl on your list this holiday season. Lucim™ Totale Face Serumhas a revolutionary 7-in-1 formula that uses exclusive liposome encapsulation technology to deliver advanced key ingredients deep into the cells that need them the most (and has even been featured in Vogue!). Pair this serum with Lucim’s Facial Gel Cleanser, Day Defense Cream, Renewing Night Cream, Purifying Exfoliator and Enriched Toning Water for the ultimate skincare giftset.

You can apply your Lifestyle Dollars towards the purchase of products with Loyalty Shopping. You might even be able to shop for everyone on your list without spending a single penny from your own pocket! How great is that?

We all have a friend who’s always on the go, whether it’s because of their career, their family or their own personal case of wanderlust. No matter the reason, give them something to support their health and supplement their active lifestyle. Nutrifii Moa™ is the ideal superfood supplement to help the body reduce oxidative damage from free radicals, boost metabolism, increase energy and support cardiovascular and immune systems. And because it’s conveniently packaged in one tiny pouch, it’s easy to take and enjoy anywhere at any time!

Nutrifii Elite™ is another convenient supplement that’s perfect for those active busy bodies whose diet might be lacking key nutrients. By harnessing the power of super herbs, antioxidants and nutrients, Elite helps to support the immune system, reduce stress, aid cognitive function, help sustain balanced hormones and promote emotional well-being, all while offering younger-looking skin.

No matter the destination, our Puritii® Water Filtration System is a must-have item for all the frequent flyers, mountain hikers and nature lovers you’re shopping for this year. This 20-ounce Tritan™ plastic bottle allows you to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water at the airport, on the train or wherever your busy schedule takes you! Don’t forget to include the Puritii Water Filter (sold separately).


If you’re looking for a handful of tiny but mighty gifts that will most definitely fit in your family’s stockings, we’ve got plenty!

Lucim+™ Volumizing Eyelash Serum, our clinically tested eyelash conditioning serum, naturally enhances the look of your lashes and brows, giving you visibly fuller, stronger, longer-looking lashes and brows with results in just four weeks. Lucim+ Lip Plumping Glossfeatures conditioning plant-based oils and butters, plumping peptides and advanced volumizing technology to give your natural lips an extra visible boost. Together, this duo is the perfect pair for anyone that longs for luscious lashes and kissable, soft lips. 

For the adults on your list that might need a bit of stress relief after this holiday season, check out ‘NHANCED™ CBD Oil, featuring full-spectrum CBD in a mixed berry-scented MCT Oil base. This convenient tincture provides the foundation for a daily CBD experience, promoting relaxation and calm state of well-being.

Ditch the coal and go with the collagen! Stuff your stockings with a few bottles of TeMana® Noni + Collagen to help give your friends and family a youthful glow that’ll put your Christmas tree to shame! Or choose from an array of Tahitian Noni Wellness Shots (ORIGINAL, FOCUS, IMMUNITY and SLEEP) specifically formulated to target specific issues that affect how we feel and function every day.


There’s no denying that the holidays are all about giving, but you should never feel bad about giving yourself a few presents, too! 

Stay happy and healthy as you enter the new year by adding vitamins to your daily routine. Nutrifii Optimals™ offer an array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and micronutrients including unique and beneficial ingredients that support a person’s overall health and well-being. Optimal-M® contains a spectrum of 32 minerals, trace elements, enzymes and superfoods, while Optimal-V® contains 17 different vitamins to provide your body with well-rounded nutrients. Nutrifii Vinali® is another key supplement that’s packed with 310 mg of Vitamin C and helps promote whole-body wellness.

Looking to drop a few extra pounds after the holidays? Featuring two unique blends, Slenderiiz® Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™ provide a cutting-edge advantage to weight loss. To help expedite weight loss while maintaining proper levels of nutrition, these liquid drops assist in controlling appetite and increasing metabolism to maximize your efforts between diet and exercise.

Ready to switch up your diet and looking for some nutritious alternatives to replace your favorite junk foods? Slenderiiz PureNourish™ is a dietary supplement designed to enhance digestion and optimize nutrient absorption. Each serving combines 15 essential vitamins and minerals with 18 g of high-quality plant protein, a blend of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes and 25% of your daily recommended fiber in a satisfying supplement shake — plus it’s only 116 calories!

PureNourish can be combined with Slenderiiz Beauty Boost™ for added vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids to address the specific nutritional needs of hair, skin and nails. Or blend with Slenderiiz Power Boost™, which supports lean muscle mass while boosting mental cognition and promoting weight loss through a blend of L-Glutamine (an amino acid found in your muscles) and medium-chain triglycerides.