Puritii® Featured in 4 Italian Magazines in Dec. 2023

Sometimes Nothing Means Everything®, and that is exactly the case with our Puritii® Water Filtration System, featuring our Tritan Water Bottle. We all know how useful it can be to have a water bottle that filters out all the bad stuff for you, and the world is taking notice, too.

Partner.Co is excited to announce that Puritii has cleaned up with FOUR features in Italian magazines’ December issues.

Where Nothing Means Everything

The Puritii Water Filtration System was designed to offer the best drinking water possible. The filter inside removes up to 99.99% of emerging contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and trihalomethanes, while the bottle itself contains no BPAs, BPSs or bisphenols and is EA free.

Translation: It’s really, really, really good and gives you really, really, really good drinking water.

The Magazines


Launched in 1938, Grazia is the premier fashion magazine in the country (as well as in many others around Europe). With a print readership of 766 million and another 2.6 monthly users on their website, Grazia is a paragon for high style and taste.

Io Donna

First published in 1996, Io Donna, is one of Italy’s top women’s magazines. The magazine has an average annual circulation of almost 280,000 copies and a readership of 498,000.

Diva e Donna

A weekly magazine where the protagonist is always the new woman and caters to that subject’s wants and needs, Diva e Donna has an annual circulation of around 121,000 copies and touches on news, fashion and beauty for its 421,000 readers.


In circulation since 1962, Panorama is a weekly magazine known for its investigative journalism, among other features. As of 2021, Panorama had an annual circulation of around 80,000 copies.  

“Italy is a huge market for us, and we are so thankful and so, so excited that the press — especially magazines as established and influential as the three that chose us for inclusion — is taking notice of the quality of our products.”

Founder & CEO Darren Zobrist

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