New Study on the Benefits of Nutrifii™ Optimals Published

Our Research and Development team is at it again! This time, they’re diving into the benefits of Partner.Co bestsellers, the Nutrifii™ Optimals.

In their recently conducted survey, they discovered most people noticed positive help in numerous aspects of health — like energy, joint discomfort, skin quality and more — after supplementing their diets with the Optimals.

Study Highlights

82.41% reported experiencing improvement in perceived energy levels and/or stamina

67.81% reported experiencing improvement in exercise recovery

67.77% reported experiencing improvement in joint discomfort

67.42% reported experiencing improvement in skin quality

67.04% reported experiencing improvement in cognitive function

66.29% reported experiencing improvement in feeling rested in the morning

65.16% reported experiencing improvement in aches and pains


Optimal-M supports bones, nerves and muscles through a spectrum of 32 minerals, trace elements, enzymes and superfoods, with the proper cofactors to aid in utilization.


Optimal-V includes 17 different vitamins, plus unique and beneficial ingredients such as beet root, wheat grass and grape seed extract, delivering a healthy boost to your system.

The Process

Senior Director of Research and Development Brett J. West, Director of Field Insight and Research Melissa M. Reid and Vice President of Research and Development Fernando A. Swartz published their recent findings in a paper titled “Improvements in Perceived Health Status among Consumers of a Vitamin and Essential Mineral Supplement Combination” in the ARC Journal of Nutrition and Growth.

As they outline in their abstract, we know from national health surveys that many people have nutrient deficiencies and could benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation. But how those vitamins and minerals support our bodies can be unclear because of the differences between supplements.

So how can we tell exactly how the Optimals can support your body? With our own study!

The team conducted a survey — comprised of 104 participants — to explore the perceived benefits of the Optimals (taken together) over the course of eight weeks. Many participants noticed improvements (percentages shown above) after four weeks of daily use, indicating that taking the Optimals daily leads to noticeable improvement in perceived health status and quality-of-life.

“We work tirelessly to evaluate and reevaluate our products so that no matter what you try from Partner.Co, you’re getting the best. This study has allowed us to not only deepen our own knowledge of how people respond to the Optimals, but it also validates our formulation’s efficacy.”

Senior Director of R&D Brett J. West

Read the full study here.