Partner.Co Welcomes Debbie Davies to the Wellness Council

Partner.Co is thrilled to welcome Debbie Davies to the Wellness Council. A registered nurse and midwife for over 37 years, Debbie is excited to bring her passion for women’s health to the Council.

The Wellness Council represents a worldwide collaboration of health, wellness and fitness professionals who are passionate advocates for preventative health maintenance. They continually update our collective understanding of health science and provide invaluable guidance on both product formulations and the education of our Brand Partners.

Debbie trained as a nurse and midwife in South Africa and worked in various hospitals around the country. She then worked as an independent midwife, doing mostly homebirths, for ten years in a practice with three other midwives.

After a short break, Debbie moved to and worked in the Middle East as a maternity nurse and midwife as well as a nurse. She worked there for five years before moving to New Zealand. Since being in New Zealand, she’s worked as a midwife in a large hospital in Auckland. For nine of those years, Debbie was a perinatal bereavement midwife specialist.

Currently, Debbie is the National Coordinator for the National Mortality Review Committee, specializing in perinatal and maternal mortality for Te Tāhū Hauora Health Quality and Safety Commission.

“As a midwife, there are so many things we can do to enhance women’s health through their reproductive journey and also impact the health of the baby they are growing. I think there are opportunities to develop support for women. Midwives often challenge the status quo, which makes me think a little outside of the conventional boxes healthcare often fits into.”

Debbie Davies

With her extensive knowledge of women’s health, Debbie has also spent time learning various ways to improve that health, including the benefits of supplementation. With changes in food growing and storage systems — especially in poverty-stricken areas — high-quality supplementation is critical for maintaining a healthy body. She is excited to take on this role and contribute her wealth of knowledge to help others around the world.

“We’re delighted to bring another talented registered nurse to our Wellness Council, especially someone with so much international experience. Professionals specializing in women’s health are incredibly important to us, as we have many Brand Partners around the world who will benefit from her decades of knowledge.”

CEO Darren Zobrist

Welcome, Debbie!