Unleash Award Story — Marc Pitman

Marc Pitman has a very particular reason for taking special interest in his health. In 2004, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and had his leg amputated. Since then, he has focused on diet and nutrition as the best way to stay in good shape and remain in good health.

No stranger to the direct selling industry, Marc began his journey in 2004 and enjoyed helping others with their health and wellness. When he discovered ARIIX in 2017, he was excited about the products and realized he could help even more people through this extraordinary opportunity.

He began using the Optimals (Optimal-M™ and Optimal-V™) right away, and because he needed to lose some body fat, he also tried the Slenderiiz™ Day & Night Drops. Marc became a true product of the product, and he took every ARIIX product that was available when he began training for a sponsored charity climb of Mount Snowdon, which he completed on one leg and crutches. The challenging climb covered 10 miles in about 10 hours. Marc attributes his successful completion of this incredible feat to the ARIIX products and the team members who accompanied him. His team raised over £12,000 for the charity Steel Bones, which supports new amputees and their families.

A few years ago, Marc qualified as a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer in order to use his personal experience to help other people, especially fellow amputees. He frequents his local gym and also works out with a group of amputee friends in order to improve his fitness. Marc’s next goal is to start a fitness group in the local community which will be open to everyone. Someday he would love to own his own gym.

Marc believes there is no greater wealth in life than our health. With the help of the ARIIX products and opportunity, he has transformed his life by caring for his body, changing his thinking and becoming more positive.

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