Unleash Award Winner Mary Kay Steffes-Schmitz

Mary Kay Steffes-Schmitz was introduced to ARIIX by a true friend — someone who would not give up on her and continued to invite her to take the leap, work as a team and get healthy together. In July of 2016, she said yes!

In 2018, Mary Kay made the decision to attend the ARIIX Next Level World Tour in Orlando, Florida, in order to find out if ARIIX was for real. She had been involved with plenty of network marketing companies in the past, but at the event she became convinced that ARIIX was different. The speakers, the Founders, the Representatives, the training, the recognition… it blew her away. She cried, she listened, and she committed to her health and her business.

Attending that event turned Mary Kay’s whole life around. Not without trepidation, she started by taking the Slenderiiz® Drops-to-Drop Summer Challenge! Although she didn’t truly believe she could do it, she made a commitment to herself and decided to focus on consistency, good habits, and taking the Slenderiiz drops before each meal. She was also determined to follow the eating plan, and within five months she had dropped from a size 16 to a size 10! Mary Kay has lost more than 30 pounds since the Next Level World Tour, and her belief in ARIIX has only grown bigger!

When Mary Kay decided to attend another ARIIX event, this time in Salt Lake City, it was a no-brainer. She had her plane tickets, her hotel reservations, and her husband had even agreed to come, although he rarely attended such events. Unfortunately, Mary Kay got sick right before her trip, then fell and hurt her head and neck. She scrambled to see a doctor and get well quickly, but it just wasn’t happening. At last, she accepted the inevitable and canceled her flight.

Thursday morning dawned and Mary Kay could move her neck a little bit — enough to feel like she could make the trip. Without a flight, she decided to drive from Michigan to Salt Lake City, Utah. Her husband assured her that he was up for it if she was, and they were on their way. And a good thing too, because it was there that Mary Kay was named a recipient of the ARIIX Unleash Award. She had never been so shocked and humbled! And her husband experienced his own ARIIX transformation on the spot. The whole experience was inspiring, exciting, humbling and invigorating!

Mary Kay would like to thank Aaron and Dr. Fred Cooper for a truly unforgettable experience. ARIIX has proven to be an unparalleled opportunity in every way.

Always check with your healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program, and before discontinuing or reducing dosage of prescription medications. A consumer study showed that individuals lost an average of 13 to 15 pounds in 28 days on the Slenderiiz® program. Results may vary depending on diet and exercise.

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