Unleash Award — Jinju Kim

Jinju Kim was born in Seoul, and has lived on Jeju Island for the past 10 years. She met her husband when she was almost 40 years old and gave birth to a son the next year. Due to giving birth later in life, it took her longer to recover, and she needed to take extra care of herself. She began to research supplements, but found all of them to be too costly, until she discovered ARIIX. She fell in love with the ARIIX products and opportunity, quickly coming to the conclusion that she should build her own business to transform her life.

Since joining ARIIX, Jinju has noticed a transformation in the way she looks and feels, and in the way her teammates look and feel as well. When you feel good on the inside, when you feel happy and confident, it changes your outward appearance. The ARIIX products help her maintain optimal health, while the opportunity gives her hope and optimism for the future.

ARIIX is a company that rewards hard work and dedication. When you work hard and stay committed, you can experience success. The passion that was sleeping inside of Jinju now keeps her moving forward. She tells everyone she meets that her life changed through ARIIX, and she helps them to change their lives as well. She shares ARIIX with at least three people each day, and this consistency is paying off.

Jinju’s next goal is to reach Chairperson this year. She wishes to become a leader and mentor who can change many people’s lives. And she looks forward to creating her own rags-to-riches story by choosing change every day.

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