Success Story — Shlomit Wolfin

Shlomit Wolfin loves helping people! Before joining ARIIX as a Representative, she taught teens and adults the art of “medical clowning.” She helped volunteers learn how to spread joy and laughter throughout hospitals and rehabilitation centers, while also volunteering herself. Her entrepreneurship with ARIIX began when a trusted friend introduced her to the opportunity. Although she had been invited to join other network marketing companies in the past, they never seemed to be the right fit — until ARIIX!

While ARIIX has certainly helped Shlomit improve her finances, the biggest transformation she has experienced is related to her digestive health. She began taking Vináli® and Moa® every day and is now supporting her overall health. She also began using Slenderiiz® Beauty Boost™ and the entire line of NuCerity® products — and her skin looks amazing! Shlomit’s daughters are also big fans of ARIIX. They take Vináli and use Skincerity® every day, but the most amazing transformation has been in Shlomit’s eldest daughter, who uses Rejuveniix™ and Omega-Q® and has experienced positive results with her focus at school and her attitude at home.

Always one to find a way to give back, Shlomit decided that she should bring her spirit of volunteerism to ARIIX Israel, and she formed a group of people who work together beyond building their businesses to give back to the community — which has made her happier and healthier. The group participates in monthly volunteer activities, whether it’s “clowning around” at a children’s hospital or serving hot meals at local shelters. Shlomit says she is thrilled by how much the Reps enjoy leaving their daily routines for a day to do some good in the community.

And she’s not even close to being done yet! Shlomit believes that big changes start with small beginnings. She believes in the ARIIX products and the good they’ve done for her and her loved ones. She’s looking forward to finding new ways to use ARIIX to help others, including contributing to a research project studying the benefits of MOA’s key ingredients.

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