Success Story — Karen Pogue

After a 28-year career as a Registered Nurse (R.N.) working 60 hours a week, Karen was less than prepared for a life change when the company she worked for shut its doors with no notice. Left with no job, no paycheck and no severance, Karen had the support of her husband and kids in taking some time off for self-reflection.

It was during this time that a friend invited her to a home party to learn more about NuCerity®. A complete stranger to network marketing, Karen wasn’t sure she wanted to attend at all, but she felt she should support her friend. After researching the products and the business model, Karen fell in love with the opportunity. Six years later, she is still in love — and can’t live without Skincerity® and all of the ARIIX products!

Karen always wanted to help others, which is why she became an R.N. With her new opportunity, she is still able to help other people in even more ways than before! She has enjoyed leading new Representatives down a path to optimal health, the potential for financial success and security, and increased self-confidence — which she has also attained herself. Network marketing was a completely new career for Karen, and she had to learn to believe in herself again.

Karen believes that self-development is an ongoing process, and she works with mentors and business partners every day to readjust goals, meet deadlines, and stay accountable to her team. She hopes to continue to help others achieve their ambitions and goals, and provide a legacy for her family.

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