Success Story — JR Ramos

Think working 60-plus hours a week at a corporate job is just a normal part of everyday life? Well, according to JR Ramos, you’re wrong. Once JR learned how to make building his business a priority, all the other pieces of his life began to fall into place.

Although JR had gotten in on the ground floor at ARIIX when it began in 2011, he didn’t really take the opportunity seriously until years later. He had been working full time in the laboratory industry, jumping from department to department, unable to settle on something that really made him happy.

Enter friend, mentor and fellow ARIIX Representative, Vern Lapuz. Vern showed JR how to create a schedule and stick to a timeline — and maybe gave him a little tough love, too. JR put those lessons into play and before he knew it, he was building his business, making more time for his team, and getting the one thing he really wanted out of life — freedom.

What’s next for JR? He’s looking forward to getting married in the spring, and thanks to the ARIIX opportunity, buying a home. He plans to continue making time for his team to help them achieve their dreams too, and he hopes to inspire them the way he was inspired to make a fresh start!


ARIIX does not guarantee any level of income or success to any Representative. Earnings from the ARIIX ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan depend on each Representative’s sales, business skills, ability and personal application. Please see the ARIIX Income Disclosure Statement for complete information regarding the earnings of ARIIX Representatives.