Success Story — Emma Jones

Emma Jones is proud to say that she used ARIIX as the tool to transform her family’s life. A strong wife and mother of two, she has never been afraid of hard work, and she knew ARIIX was the right company and platform to pour her strong work ethic into in order to create the life her family deserves. All she needed to do was believe that anyone can achieve success if they want to.

When she began her journey with ARIIX, Emma was working nights and weekends at a demanding job that paid well, but left her with no time to enjoy her life and watch her kids grow up. She wanted to be involved in their activities and give them a beautiful home with room to play, as well as amazing memories of vacations and holidays to cherish.

Emma fell in love with the ARIIX products and found that a simple shot of Moa™ each morning gave her the energy to be the mom and person she wanted to be. She feels more alive, therefore, she can maintain her weight, her good mood and her stamina throughout the day. Once she decided to build a business and move in the direction of her dreams, she found an accountability buddy. They worked together daily to keep one another focused on the goals they put in place. Hand-in-hand, through good days and bad, they stood together fighting for a better future for their teams and themselves. They kept it simple, working on consistency and contacts each day, to ensure that every day they were building toward their futures.

“Hard work always gets rewarded, and when all you need to do is work hard for your family, the rest comes easy,” says Emma.

Today, as the No. 1 woman building an ARIIX business in the UK, Emma has reached the goals she set at the beginning of her journey, and now she is working towards new ones. Giving others the opportunity to pursue their own dreams is top of her list. Her focus is transforming lives, because she believes everyone deserves the chance to have a better life and a better future.

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