2018 ISR VISION AWARD WINNER — Ariela and Yair Tal

Ariela and Yair Tal’s story is a unique one. In the network marketing industry, it’s typical to be approached with an opportunity and then decide to partner. But Ariela and Yair weren’t approached — they searched. After researching many network marketing companies, they chose ARIIX.

Ariela and Yair were previously with another company and enjoyed a very successful business, but the company started to adopt unethical business practices, and both Ariela and Yair knew that they couldn’t, in good faith, invite prospects to partner with such a company. After thorough research of nearly 40 companies, they found ARIIX.

The problem was that ARIIX was not open in Israel. After a call with ARIIX President and Founder, Mark Wilson, they were given a minimum sales threshold they would need to meet in order for ARIIX to consider opening the Israel market. They knew it wouldn’t be easy — and it wasn’t. But they also knew in their hearts that it was their responsibility to find the best home for the people who believed in them. So they left their successful business and got to work with ARIIX.

The two faced every challenge that comes with opening a new market. There were many issues to tackle, from shipping logistics to training materials and a business platform — it took nearly a year to manage the first shipment! They invested time and money and lost nearly their entire organization, as the opportunity had not yet achieved lucrative status. But they persevered against the odds and continued despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

“We know that to do amazing things, you have to be ‘unrealistic.’ We believe with all our hearts that we have found the perfect place, where our vision aligns perfectly with the company’s vision, and we truly believe that this effort will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and that we have truly found a real partnership with this company.”

“Ariela and Yair are a perfect match for the caliber of leadership we focus on attracting at ARIIX. Their consistency, tenacity and vision of inspiring others to transform their lives is why we decided to open Israel. They redefine what going the extra mile means as an entrepreneur and have accomplished things I’ve never seen in 30 years in the industry,” says President and Founder Mark Wilson.

Ariela and Yair feel that they are just getting started. Their mission is to help people improve their health in three aspects: physical, mental and financial. They find that this goal is powerful and resonates with the people they approach. Their next move is to introduce to everyone in Israel how the ARIIX opportunity and products can help transform lives. They would love to see the ARIIX products in every house in Israel!

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