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Standards and measurements — what does quality mean to you?

There is always room for improvement! At ARIIX, we are always evaluating (and re-evaluating!) our products and processes to make sure we are bringing you the very best. That’s why we’re so diligent about the standards and measures we develop and implement in all of our manufacturing, product development and go-to-market procedures — and our CEO even finds ways to improve!

The very first step in maintaining quality is making sure you know how quality is measured — and that everyone is on the same page! At ARIIX we have established our own Seal of Approval to help our Representatives and their prospects understand just how seriously we take the concept of quality. We have standards set for each of our products — from start to finish.


Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Fred Cooper, takes the idea of “quality” to a whole new level, reminding us that we fail to consider when we admire the end result, we can sometimes forget all the hard work and preparation that went into the delivery of the product or service.

“The better it is, the more likely that it had to overcome pitfalls, setbacks, changes, modifications and improvements to get to the final state that it is in.” – Dr. Fred Cooper, ARIIX CEO and Founder


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