Putting the Success in NewAge LIVE: Rise to Success

The Last weekend, Brand Partners from around the world gathered from their virtual front-row seats for our webinar NewAge LIVE: Rise to Success, where they took in the foundational skills and trending tactics for growing your team and selling on social media from NewAge Executives and top leaders.

Group President Mark Wilson kicked off the event with an inspiring look at where NewAge is and why now is the best time to dig in and work towards building your business to reach a level of success higher than you’ve ever imagined. Ian Chandler, Area President, Greater China + Pacific, followed this up with a motivational look at the Power of Four and how critical it is to building a thriving business.

We also heard from Icham Benallal, Vice President, EMEA + CIS, on how Kwik can revolutionize your business simply by sharing your favorite products with the world. Chief Product Officer/Chief Marketing Officer Deanna Latson also took the stage to encourage and remind all Brand Partners that hard work truly does pay off — challenging yourself to achieve more can lead to living the life you always wanted.

That’s not all, though. Throughout, we heard from top leaders from around the world — including YOUR market — about how NewAge has helped transform their lives, all while staying true to our message to Live Healthy™. Finally, we heard from top industry experts on trending topics on social selling and building your business online. 

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? You don’t want to miss the next NewAge event and there are some happening in your market throughout the year, so check out worldwide events in the

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