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Nutrifii™ Renew Now Included on World-renowned Cologne List®

There’s something to be said for consistency, especially when it’s regarding our commitment to producing the best products with the most rigorous development and testing procedures.

Last year, the world’s leading independent scientific laboratory in the field of analytical testing for banned substances in nutritional supplements officially certified 33 NewAge products. Now, the renowned Cologne List® has added a 34th NewAge product to its list — Nutrifii Renew, a patent-pending, anti-aging supplement that helps trigger your body’s natural human growth hormone (HGH) production and release.

Cologne List is a worldwide initiative that protects consumers and athletes against the risk of contamination from banned substances and involuntary doping offenses caused by food supplements and sports nutrition. This offers athletes protection in a non-transparent market with thousands of non-controlled products.

An international study by the Institute for Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne in 2004, sponsored by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), revealed that around 15% of food supplements purchased in 13 different countries contained anabolic steroids that were not stated on the packaging. This created major concerns regarding product safety and purity around the globe not just for the every-day consumers, but for innumerable recreational and competitive athletes who consume supplements daily.

Since 2006, Cologne List has been offering companies the option of publishing analyses for anabolic steroids and stimulants conducted by an independent scientific laboratory, one of the world’s leading labs in the field of analytical testing for banned substances in nutritional supplements. This process ensures that every product published on the list meets rigorous testing requirements to verify they’re free from substances prohibited in competitive sports. With over 1,050 products (as of May 2022), Cologne List is the world’s largest information platform regarding food safety.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to product development and testing to ensure that no matter who you are — professional athlete or simply an individual that cares about they put in or on their body — you are getting the best from NewAge.”

Chief Product Officer/Chief Marketing Officer Deanna Latson

Here is the complete list of NewAge products featured on the Cologne List:


  • BLU FROG 2®


  • Biopro-Q®
  • Elite™
  • Magnical-D®
  • MOA II™ Pouches
  • MOA I™ Pouches
  • Omega-Q®
  • Optimal-M®
  • Optimal-V®
  • Probiotiix™
  • Rejuveniix™
  • Renew
  • Restoriix™
  • Vinali®


  • Beauty Boost™
  • Day Pre-Meal Drops™
  • Giving Greens®
  • Night Soothing Bedtime Drops™
  • Power Boost™
  • PureNourish™


  • IMMUNITY Wellness Shot™
  • ORIGINAL Wellness Shot™
  • SLEEP Wellness Shot™
  • Tahitian Noni® Extra
  • Tahitian Noni® MAX
  • Tahitian Noni® Pure


  • Shape Smoothie – Berry Flavor
  • Shape Smoothie – Mango Flavor


  • Core Care™
  • Go Time Energy™
  • Nuku Hiva™

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