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How to Channel Your Inner Ox This Chinese New Year

2020 was nothing short of a ratty year (pun intended), but 2021 is already looking a lot more promising, especially when it comes to personal success and growth. February 12, 2021 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and for the first time since 2009, this will be the Year of the Ox!

The second animal in the Chinese zodiac, the ox is generally known for its strength, positivity, honesty and hard work — sounds a lot like you, right? You’re committed to achieving your goals, you push through the tough times and you continue to smile through it all. You’ve probably never considered how much you actually have in common with an ox, but it turns out they possess plenty of qualities that you, too, should value and embrace in both your everyday life and in your business.


Your work ethic can say a lot about you, either good or bad. If you want people to not only trust you, but potentially follow in your footsteps, you have to set the right example. By staying consistent and persistent in your business-building efforts, you demonstrate to others exactly what it takes to succeed in this industry. After all, the fortune is in the follow up. This isn’t a cookie-cutter career path that’s made for everyone — you’ve got to have your eye on the prize and, quite literally, the drive of an ox.


When you give someone your word, make an appointment or set up a call, can people generally depend on you to be there and be fully engaged? If not, you may want to take notes here. Lesson number one: You can’t expect to build a successful and profitable business when you show up late to Zoom calls, come unprepared, forget to follow up with prospects or simply flake out on people altogether. Lesson number two: Nobody likes to have their time wasted. You should always strive to be a person that others feel confident in and comfortable with, not someone that’s unreliable, wishy-washy, and only partially invested.


Having a clear picture of your end goal helps keep you motivated on your path to success, so it’s important not to lose sight of your purpose, or your ‘Why’: the reason you decided to take this unmatched opportunity and embark on this unique journey. You can’t get distracted by the nay-sayers and throw the towel in as soon as the game gets tough — instead, channel that inner ox strength you’re destined to embody this year and stay committed and consistent in your efforts to reach new heights, both personally and professionally.

While it may seem like an unlikely match, there’s quite a lot you can learn from an ox. If nothing else, remember this: when you tap into your inner strength, stay focused and take initiative, there’s no limit to your potential success. On behalf of the entire NewAge family, we hope this new year brings good fortune and good health to all!

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