How to Build Your Business on Social Media

Let’s Get Social, our latest NewAge LIVE webinar, just streamed in real time all around the world in 14 different languages. During this info-packed webinar, our panel of expert speakers, including Executives and Brand Partners, covered the basics to help you leverage social media to expand your reach and take your business to the next level.

Is there anyone better to take advice from than those who have actually found success in network marketing?

If you didn’t catch it live, here’s what you missed.

What Is Social Selling?

This one’s easy. Social selling means using social methods to build relationships and sell products — and now that includes social media more than any other selling strategy!

Gone are the days of solely throwing in-home parties for a chance to advocate for your favorite product. Sure, meeting in person still offers a great personal touch, but remember, if you’re building a business, your direct competition isn’t just other direct selling companies. With social media, it’s also every sponsored post and paid partnership you scroll past.

If you want to stay relevant, grow your business and increase your customer base, you’ll need to transition to building connections virtually and utilizing social media to sell products. But don’t worry — we’re here to help you tap into this expanding market.

NewAge Share: Your Social Selling Hub

Did you know Brand Partners who use the NewAge ShareTM app are 2x more successful as non-app users? With the app, you get access to all customer acquisition tools, including:

  • Smart Link creation
  • NewAge LIVE video link creation
  • Award-winning marketing materials, including:
    • Product videos
    • Social shareable content
    • Product fact sheets
  • Business analytics and reports

If you haven’t already downloaded the app, what are you waiting for? Access to everything you need to grow your business on social media is just one tap away.

For a Personal Touch, Start with Smart Links

Want to make your online sales more personal? Keep conversations one-on-one and extra targeted with Smart Links.

Whether your customers’ concerns revolve around skin care, aging or something else, you have the perfect product solution! Send them your Smart Link and your recommended product will go straight to their shopping cart.

They check out, you get paid! What could be simpler?

Make checkout as simple for your customers as possible. Share links with friends, family and followers however you like — DMs, text or even QR codes. Minimizing those steps to close your sale will make all the difference.

For the Social Butterfly, Start With NewAge LIVE Shoppable Video

There’s power in numbers! If you love connecting with a group, start building your business with NewAge LIVE Shoppable Videos.

These fun, engaging videos let you tap into the power of our expert hosts and the hype and social proof from other NewAge customers and Brand Partners.

Simply share your personalized link with your friends, family and followers so they can watch and shop midstream while you get the credit (and earn commission!) for every sale.

The Attraction Marketing Method

Okay, you recognize the importance of social media and have an idea of which platform to use to build your business. Now, you need to get started posting and engaging online! Still trying to figure out where to start? Follow these steps:

  1. Build Your Brand. Create a social presence that looks great and attracts new customers.
  2. Create Engaging Content. Develop posts that provide value for your customers. Offer wellness tips, motivation and interesting content to keep your followers coming back for more.
  3. Expand Your Reach. Dive into Facebook groups, hashtags and more to connect with new people and build your network.
  4. Monetize Your Influence. Build relationships and introduce products as a solution for your new online friends. You’ll turn these new social connections into lifelong customers. 

Stay tuned for even more trainings that will take you from social newbie to influencer, building your brand and taking your business into the modern age.  

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