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Holiday Travels Made Easy with ARIIX

Rushing from holiday parties to festive get-togethers while checking off each name on your shopping list — the holiday rush is no joke! When you add a holiday vacation into the mix, things can get a little crazy. With a bit of planning, though, you’ll ride merrily through from early December to the New Year without a hitch.

First things first, make sure you book your trip using ARIIX Travel® for the guaranteed lowest price. Use your Reward Dollars to access exclusive savings on more than one million hotel and vacation properties, flights, car rentals and more. With those savings, you can treat Grandma to an even better Christmas present this year!

Then, follow our guide for the perfect items to stow away in your carry-on for a stress-free travel experience, no matter the line at airport security.
1. Priime™ Sentry
We aren’t breaking news by letting you know airplanes are blanketed in bacteria. It’s widely known. You can keep clear of germs and give your seat a pleasant aroma by quickly wiping down your tray table and armrests with a couple drops of Sentry.
2. Priime™ Calm
Wave goodbye to airplane jitters! Apply one drop of Priime Calm Essential Oil to the inside of each wrist. Then rub the two together to relieve restlessness and anxiety. There is no better companion for a peaceful flight!3. Puritii® Water Filtration System
Those little water bottles passed out by the flight attendants do not contain enough liquid to keep you hydrated. Don’t settle for drying out or spending your money on overpriced and environmentally harmful plastic bottles at the airport. Instead, bring your empty Puritii bottle in your bag. Once you pass through security, you can fill the bottle with tap water and enjoy fresh, filtered water throughout your travels.
4. Moa®
We’ve been tempted a time or two by the inflight cookies, but for a healthier snack, we suggest packing along Moa in your carry-on. The superfoods support healthy immune function — we see you, airplane bathroom — and metabolic wellness.
5. Rejuveniix™
Rejuveniix is your perfect pick-me-up after your flight. Take it before hitting the baggage claim for natural energy, a cheery attitude and greater mental alertness.
6. Skincerity®
Long trip? Pack along Skincerity to protect and rejuvenate your skin during your travels. Roll on a thin layer with your moisturizer right after takeoff. Then, remove with warm water before you touchdown at your destination.
7. Jouvé® Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream
Who says you have to arrive at Grandma’s house with dark circles under your eyes from a long flight? Pack your Jouvé Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream to soothe puffiness and turn tired eyes bright. You can apply it with Skincerity before sleeping during long trips.
8. Reviive™ Lip Balm
Chapped lips aren’t a cute look for the holidays. You’ll want a fresh face for candid photos on Christmas Day! Apply Reviive Lip Balm throughout the flight for healthy lips on your holiday trip.
No matter where you plan to go, we hope you arrive safely and have a wonderful time along the way! Keep this guide handy for your holiday adventures and any future travels.

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