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Nutrifii Kids™: More Than Just Another Chewable Multivitamin

Doctor, doctor, give me the news — Nutrifii Kids™ is tearing it up!

It’s no secret that every NewAge product is crafted to the highest standards using only the best ingredients. Anything that comes from our family of better-for-you brands is going to be the best on the market — that’s just how we roll. We’ll test and retest a product until we can ensure that it will offer you the best experience possible. This approach has turned heads from the beginning, but now one of our products has gained some even greater recognition.

Nutrifii Kids Chewable Multivitamin, the all-encompassing daily supplement that’s meticulously formulated to support the healthy development of children and adolescents, has reached new levels of fame, as it is now included in the Physicians’ Desk Reference® (also known now as the Prescribers’ Digital Reference or PDR® for short).

The PDR is the go-to for healthcare professionals when it comes to knowledge about products and services that support prescribing decisions and patient adherence to improve health. The reference — which used to be a physical hardcover book, hence the original name — is a digital repository for professionals to consult when they need to make informed decisions concerning medications or health supplements.

“The Physicians’ Desk Reference has been the authoritative source on prescription medication for 75 years. Found in virtually every physician’s office, pharmacy, clinic and library, no medical reference is more current, more recognized or more respected. It is an honor to be included in such a prestigious resource used every day by the medical community.”

Deanna Latson, NewAge Chief Product Officer

Inclusion in the PDR is huge — it adds to the visibility and credibility of NewAge’s already sparkling reputation for exceptional quality, integrity and standards. We know that we develop our products using the latest science and only top-quality ingredients, but now everyone knows. The PDR highlights the comprehensive array of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and super plant extracts — including 18 different fruits and veggies — that are packed into Nutrifii Kids.

With the global dietary supplements market valued at $140.3 billion in 2020, having Nutrifii Kids recognized by global professionals is a great step forward for NewAge when it comes to earning a share of the market without compromising on quality.