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World Champion French Handball Player Cyril Dumoulin Joins ARIIX Athletes Council 

ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is pleased to announce the addition of world champion handball athlete Cyril Dumoulin to the ARIIX Athletes Council. The Athletes Council is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to broadening the company’s understanding and ability to provide safe, pure and effective supplements catering to the nutritional needs of athletes – consumers with the highest level of nutritional demands.

A professional handball player for more than 15 years, Cyril Dumoulin, from France, achieved the highest levels in his sport with European and World Championship titles. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyril dedicated himself to helping his community as he gathered more than 400 other professional athletes to help raise more than €330,000 for local hospitals.

“As a professional athlete, I’m used to working with other sports players for different businesses. I know how they think, what they want, what they don’t, and I know what they need to achieve their best performance”, said Cyril. “High quality supplementation is as important as work or sleep for any athlete who wants to perform at their best.”

“I’m excited to join the ARIIX Athletes Council and look forward to creating new opportunities for supporting athletes and the sporting world”, he said.

“We are pleased to welcome Cyril to the Athletes Council”, said Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer. “His experience, enthusiasm and ability to inspire others to work together for a great cause are a perfect fit for the Council and we look forward to his contributions.”

Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer


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