Championing #NewAgeWomen All March Long

March is Women’s History Month, the time each year when we honor women worldwide including all the NewAge women in our lives.

We’ll celebrate all month long by highlighting and recognizing the strong, confident and beautiful #NewAgeWomen. Join the fun along with us as we challenge the world with inspiring stories and band together with the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022 theme: #BreakTheBias.

Doubt me? Watch me.

Think back. Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something, but you conquered it anyway?

Maybe they said you couldn’t work while starting a family. Now, you’re a mother of five and still maintain your profitable side hustle!

Or maybe someone told you that you didn’t have “leadership qualities” in an employee evaluation. But now you’re leading a team of more than 30 people and your department is more productive than ever.

The women of NewAge — just like women around the world — use others’ doubt as fuel for their success!

So, tell us, what have you done despite being told that it was out of reach?

We asked female NewAge Brand Partners and employees from around the globe that very question and they’ve shared their stories of exceeding expectations and using doubt to fuel their achievements.

And, girl, did they deliver.

Want to participate? Great! You can by sharing your story or the story of a woman who inspires you on social media. Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram at @NewAgeIncGlobal and use #NewAgeWomen for your chance to be featured on our global channels!

And keep your eyes on our social feeds throughout March to witness more inspirational stories from #NewAgeWomen.


On March 8, we’re standing in support of all women worldwide in the collective mission to #BreakTheBias.You can learn more about this global movement here.

We strive to make sure every NewAge employee and Brand Partner feels empowered, set up for success and equal to their peers regardless of gender. We’re doing our best to create a bias-free culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion — a world where differences are praised, not stereotyped.

You can participate by calling out gender bias when you see it, because awareness is just the first step — we need action to make a difference.

Strike the #BreakTheBias pose by crossing your arms in an “X” shape in front of your body. Then, share your pic on social media to show your solidarity and support for #NewAgeWomen and all women around the globe.

Make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram at @NewAgeIncGlobal and use #NewAgeWomen for your chance to be featured on our global channels!  

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