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Experience Unprecedented Incentives with ARIIX Lifestyle Perks

It’s time to get acquainted with ARIIX Lifestyle Perks, an all-encompassing program that offers exclusive access to beneficial rewards and savings, allowing you to enhance your life and elevate your experience!

Choose from ARIIX Travel ®, ARIIX Diamonds™, ARIIX Loyalty Shopping or the ARIIX Medical Plan (U.S. only) — whether you take advantage of just one or all four of these industry-first perks, the choice is yours! So get to work, because you’ll build your Rewards Bank balance as you build your business!

ARIIX Travel

With ARIIX Travel, exploring the world has never been easier. We’re talking about exotic places at exceptional prices. Your Reward Dollars help you gain access to the lowest prices on more than one million hotels, resorts, vacation properties and home rentals worldwide, plus access to all major airlines, cruise packages, excursions, adventures, guided tours and more — with up to 90% savings!

Did you know that you can even share your Reward Dollars with your friends, family and prospects? When you choose to use the ARIIX Travel Referral Program and give your Reward Dollars to someone else, you’ll receive 100% of the ARIIX contribution amount of their bookings in commissions — that means more money back in your pocket! There are no limits to how much you can share, and the more you help others explore the world, the more you earn back in cold, hard cash.

ARIIX Diamonds

Your ARIIX lifestyle just got more lux. With ARIIX Diamonds, you can save on specially designed and custom jewelry using your Reward Dollars. When it comes to adding to your personal jewelry collection, we offer a wide variety of precious stones and metals.

Choose from ARIIX-inspired designs, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry, charm bracelets and loose diamonds, or customize your own design — for you or your team — to achieve the exact look you desire. You’ll be sure to find the glamour and quality you’ve been dreaming of, all while saving big on the price tag.

ARIIX Loyalty Shopping

Do you want to enjoy the entire 360° suite of ARIIX products without breaking the bank? Of course, you do! Now you can pass on the drugstore bargain brands and upgrade your day-to-day by opting for the best-in-class versions and value from ARIIX!

Tap into exclusive insider savings that allows you to choose the same high-quality ARIIX products you know and love, set apart by the ARIIX Seal of Approval, while saving on the price!

When you purchase products through ARIIX Loyalty Shopping, you earn PV — and so does your team! Think how much bigger your checks will be and how much your team will save if everyone experiences just one more product each month! Now that’s teamwork! They save while you earn

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now and take advantage of those Reward Dollars! Learn the ins and outs of ARIIX Loyalty Shopping and start saving today!

ARIIX Medical Plan (U.S. Residents only)

ARIIX has partnered with Redirect Health to overcome one of the biggest challenges for independent Representatives: access to quality medical care at affordable prices.

This level of coverage is unheard of for traditional entrepreneurs.

It’s easy to qualify for the ARIIX Medical Plan — just remain commission-qualified in order to participate! While enrollment is fast and easy, there are certain limitations and restrictions for you to consider. Visit the Redirect Health website for full terms and conditions and to enroll in your new medical plan!

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