2018 EU Vision Award Winner — Julie Darbon

As a young wife and mother, Julie Darbon used to count on every penny she had left at the end of the week, and she was always stressed as the end of the month drew near, because she knew she would be overdrawn.

Professionally, Julie loved her job as a surgery nurse, but financially, she knew she couldn’t do everything she wanted to for her children. Her partner used to work more than 60 hours per week in large retailers and hardly saw the kids.

Despite living in picturesque France, she never dreamed of owning a castle — she simply wanted to help her children get a good education, avoid student loans, and not have to get a job while completing their studies, as she had to do. Making ends meet was a struggle, and she dreamed of a better life. When she learned about ARIIX through top European Power Ranker Vanessa Wieczorkowski, she decided to make the most of this opportunity of a lifetime.

Two years later, Julie had worked her way up to President. With persistence and determination, as well as a strong focus on her team, she was able to build a successful business that allows her more time for her family, as well as more financial freedom. They live with peace of mind and dream about the future with hope and optimism.

Julie’s team is motivated and inspired by the unique ARIIX ACTIV8™ compensation plan. She considers herself very lucky to have such motivated teammates that fight every day to realize their dreams. Julie regularly schedules team meetings to keep everyone united and informed, and she always makes herself readily available to offer encouragement and support. She calls her secret motivational technique, “I dare you.” She challenges her teammates to overcome their fears and have fun working toward simple and attainable goals, and if the challenge isn’t met, Julie dares them. She loves working together with her team and watching lives transform.

She believes that whoever wants to work for it can be successful. “You need to push yourself… Being successful isn’t luck, but hard work and willingness. Everyone can do it,” she shares. Her team motto is: “Either I am successful, or I am successful!”

Her next goal is to build more leaders on her team, help them Title advance, and watch them reach their own goals.

“Julie is such a humble and lovely leader who has good energy influencing her team. I am proud that she has been selected to win the 2018 ARIIX Vision Award from Europe Region. Congratulations, Julie!” —CPO and Founder Deanna Latson

ARIIX does not guarantee any level of income or success to any Representative. Earnings from the ARIIX ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan depend on each Representative’s sales, business skills, ability and personal application. Please see the ARIIX Income Disclosure Statement for complete information regarding the earnings of ARIIX Representatives.

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